The Last of Human Freedoms


Let’s ask ourselves the real questions, I mean, the honest questions.  The ones that make us very uncomfortable, the ones that force us to look in the mirror and our reflection is not what we want to see, but the truth cannot be denied.  Let’s rethink finger-pointing and instead self-examine, and take our eyes off other colleagues, family, friends and strangers, and really look at ourselves from within.

What does our reflection reveal about our mindset? What does it tell us about how we view other people? Are we blinded by myopia, and darkened by closed mindedness? Does our reflection show us that we have lost sight of other people’s humanity? Does it tell us that we believe that we are better than other people, especially those who don’t look and talk like us, who may not be as educated, whose job titles, financial and social status do not match ours?

                                                   Every soul is priceless and precious!

As the world gets harsher, meaner and more ruthless, what choices are we going to make, what attitudes are we going to cultivate?

  • Continue holding on to our destructive and damaging mindsets, or are we going to pursue purpose and destiny that will liberate us and others?
  • Be stuck in our own insecurities, bubbles and walls, or are we going to grow, spread our wings and endeavor to assist in bringing humanity to all?
  • Impede other people’s goals, destroy their peace of mind, add to their own existing pain, contribute to their misery, or will we aide them, buoy them up and support them? 

Must we all keep paying the price for our negative mindsets and the way we have been conditioned?  We CAN choose to change our attitudes and lend a kind hand, say something uplifting, champion others on, nurture and harness them, instead of hindering and obstructing their professional and personal growth.

Regardless of who we are, or where we come from, we are all people, each one of us special, valuable and precious, and do not deserve any form of abuse, or denial to be the best that we can be.  

It is no easy feat, it takes guts, but we can will and make the choice to reach deep into the core of our being and develop a mindset that builds, not destroys. We can develop a beautiful attitude, and act better towards family, colleagues, friends and even strangers.  It is our right, and our freedom to do so!

“The last of human freedoms – the ability to choose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstances.” ~Viktor E. Frankl







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