Power to Let Go and Take Off!


Photo by Eva Beer on Pexels.com

We are looking for power somewhere out there, yet there is power that resides within us, unknown, ignored, unexamined, and unused. There is innate power within us to take off from and leave behind all that holds and weighs us down! But we tap into everything else, except this power. We tap into people around us, into family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and the latest trends. We tap into drugs, technology, our own devices, schemes, and human intelligence. We tap into anything and everything except the power that saw fit to make us the unique, special, valuable, and precious souls we are. I do not know about you, but I found the things and people I tapped into to be lacking, limiting, and limited!

I blame no one. People can only do so much. We are all limited some way or the other.  But I just needed something deeper and more meaningful in order to find that inner peace, wisdom, faith, purpose and power to maximize my potentials. I needed something, someone that was unlimited and non-superficial. As for me, I found it in the One, and still find it in Him. This One I talk about is the living God.

Let me ask you:

  • Who or what is the weight that is holding you back from taking off into your purpose and destiny?
  • Who or what do you turn to for healing from your deep emotional, mental and spiritual pain?
  • Who or What do you turn to when you feel completely lost?
  • Who or what do you depend upon for self-worth, self-respect and self-dignity?
  • Who and what do you turn to find your purpose and soar with it?

Who or what is standing in your way, pulling you down and holding you back? Do you need power to let go and take off? As humans, we are usually afraid of what we do not know. Many of us have been fooled, tricked, and lied to, and this has made us downcast and disenchanted. But let me boldly submit to you that I believe that we are created with incredible power and divine ability called dunamis. I believe that we carry dunamis within us but we have not exercised this power either out of ignorance and we do not know of its existence, or because we continually reject the One who created us and installed dunamis within us, thus only He can trigger and cultivate it in us. He needs our cooperation to do so, but we either deny His existence, or we know He exists but we decide that we do not need Him in order to thrive and rise above the ordinary and the things that keep us emotionally, mentally and spiritually trapped and damaged.

My take is that dunamis is miraculous power beyond our imagination, but not impossible to attain and live by.  Dunamis is stunning and potent. That is why it appears unattainable! It truly is unattainable through our human strength, wisdom, or knowledge, but highly attainable through God’s divine direction, courage, boldness and wisdom. I do not know about you, but I found the things and people I tapped into to be lacking, limiting, and limited! I blame no one. People can only do so much. I just needed something deeper and more meaningful in order to find that inner peace and purpose. As for me, I found it in the living God, and still find it in Him. What and who do you tap into? Is it really working for you and making you whole?

I want people to know that yes, we can cry, but we have power! We have been put down, but we have power! We have been violated in more ways than one, many times over, but we have power! Downtrodden, but we have power! Messed up, feeling guilty and ashamed, but we have power! We’ve been stigmatized, abused, maltreated, dismissed, mocked, and left for dead, but we have power. We are depressed and suicidal but we have power! The problem is that we have not tapped into it. We have no knowledge of it. We do not seek it. It is lying dormant in us every day, we have absolute access to it, but we will do not acknowledge its Source, the living God.

This living God and power I am telling you about are no lie, no gimmick. Why don’t you do the research yourself, investigate, find out, and explore for yourself. You do not have to believe me at all [in fact, feel free to think I am crazy].  Challenge yourself to take the step to do the research. I would be interested in your findings and your conclusions. Genuinely search deeply, dig deep, and do your legwork, don’t be dismissive about this life-giving power.

Find out about God’s existence, and the manner in which He has divinely built, crafted and created us. It is unfathomable by the ordinary human eye. Our carnal state cannot comprehend it. But if we tap into God we will find it, and we will know how to excel and soar with it. What harm would it do you to ask if God is real and if indeed you are created with such immeasurable divine power?

The choice is, and always will be yours to tap into God and dunamis, or not.  We can laugh about it, mock it, deny its existence, or realize and understand that there is real, genuine power within us, and it comes from Him.

Why don’t you find out about the divine power that you are really made of and fulfill your purpose?

That your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.

– 1 Corinthians 2:5 (ESV)



The One Who Understands Your Torment



What if I told you that there is one who is indescribable, one who cannot be defined by words, one who understands your torment? This One who already knows your agony, sees your desperation, feels your silent tears, and would like to reach you with the kind of uncommon power and unconditional love, where no one else can reach or touch you. What if this one can bring personal deliverance to your life. This ‘one’ I talk about is the living God.

This is not about religion, but about restorative power, healing power, reconstructive power, and power to do what appears to be the impossible. We have tried everything else, so why not this living God?

There is an indescribable pain, loneliness, and emptiness you carry, and you don’t know where or how to offload it. What if He is the One you really need right now?

Would you try Him? Would you test His kind of power for your own sake, for your own personal deliverance? Would you dare to cry out to Him and ask for help?

He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength. Even youths shall faint and be weary, and young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. 

-Isaiah 40-29-31(ESV)

Would you at least try, just so that you have covered all sides and tried everything before concluding that God does not exist or that He cannot possibly be the solution, the answer, the relief that you are so desperately looking for? Would you dare to be set free?

Would you dare to tap into uncommon power that will help to lift you up, to flap your wings, take off, and take flight?

The choice is entirely yours, the decision absolutely yours to make. Wouldn’t we rather find out whether or not this power is for us, useful to us, and supportive of us? Try Him out, don’t dismiss Him. This might be your chance for healing, the healing that you know long for!

The God of the Bible. His power is something which millions have tested and tried all around the world, and have come to know its truth and its reality. Are we all crazy, or is there something we have experienced, something undeniable, something tangible? We know the divine presence we felt, and we have experienced and witnessed the reality and truth of the healing, delivering, and redemptive power of God. We just cannot deny that God is real, even if, for some reason, we were to walk away from Him. Not after what we know!

This is undeniable power that will not allow us to wallow in self-pity. It is indescribable power that sees us as majestic and royal, even when others belittle us. It is power beyond comprehension, that turns our ugliness into shining beauty. It is unstoppable power that lifts us out of dungeons of darkness, misery, and pain. It is compassionate power that washes sadness, misery, and depression away. It is power that breaks us away from chains and weights that keep us down. It is power that sets us free on a runway that propels us to take flight into our purpose and destiny, regardless of our circumstances and beyond our imagination.

It is the power of the living God that understands your torment and brings you healing and restoration, not religion.

For the kingdom of God does not consist in talk but in power.

-1 Corinthians 4:20 (ESV)



Is Your Ship Slowly Sinking?

Photo by Kamille Sampaio on Pexels.com

Is your ship slowly sinking? There is more to people than meets the eye. I truly believe that we have been created with divine power and abilities. I strongly believe that we were created with innate power, strength, and skills which we have not tapped into, but merely scraped the surface. I believe that we have been created and endowed with many gifts and talents, as well as tremendous power, and that we are supposed to be divine masterpieces, created only by God. I also believe, and know, that I have had snippets of divine experiences that have brought me to that undeniable, tangible truth, truth that we possess not just amazing talents, but inexplicable power residing within us.

I am curious about this power. Shouldn’t you be? I have had glimpses of it, I have experienced such power, and I feel a sense of responsibility to write about this truth. It is an honor to write and tell you about it, with the goal that we all know that we can all experience the reality and the truth about the living God. I believe that we should share this knowledge that can and will liberate us and others from their pain, trauma, depression, and any other form or type of bondage. I believe that I have discovered a true power that can free us, that is uncommon and untapped, and that many are ignorant about, and I cannot possibly keep it to myself!

Is your ship slowly sinking? So many of us want to be set free from our shackles, our vices, our insecurities, and the things that easily weigh us down, paralyzing us from fulfilling all our potential and using our talents and abilities.

Many of us want to love and be loved, filled with a surplus of joy and indescribable peace. Deep down, we want to be rescued from our own self-destructive behaviors. We want to be set free from the damage caused by rejection, violation, stigma, prejudice, and put-downs that have been inflicted by the hands of others.

We have tried so many avenues, and some even appear to work for a while, but then we find ourselves searching again for the next new solution to our problems. I would like to share with you a consistent power, one that you already possess and carry within you.

  • Is your ship slowly sinking?
  • Have you become your worst enemy?
  • Can you stop the sickness taking you over?
  • Do you need power to do so?
  • Do you need a savior who will take you over the walls and heal your pain?
  • Do you need someone who will not let you go, but will fight for your life?

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.

-John 3:16-17




Divinely Created Beyond a Theory?

beautiful bloom blooming blossom
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We always ask whether or not we should believe in the existence of God, but do we ever ask whether or not God believes in us? Is it possible that no matter what we feel or think about Him, God loves us so much that whether or not we believe in Him, whether or not anybody believes in us, and even if we don’t believe in ourselves, He does?

Despite what we have been told, what we have been taught, and what evil people have done in His name, I do not believe that He is so insecure and controlling, needing to criticize, punish, and judge us at every turn, or scheming to slice us into pieces and beat us into a condemned pulp. No, He wants us to use the indescribable power He has generously created within us to elevate ourselves and take flight into our purpose and destiny. He basks in our successes! He glories in our victories, and rejoices in our deliverance, and hurts when we hurt.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10 (ESV)

I believe that God created us, that we are His divine products, so of course He believes in us, because  when He created us, He did not leave us hanging. He put everything we will ever need to succeed, right inside of us but we have to tune Him in. This way, we can live a life of dominion over the demons, the vices, heartbreak, depression, tragedies, trauma and discouragement that torment, entrap and imprison us. They have weakened and impeded us, and most of us have succumbed to their weight, darkness and misery.

By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible. -Hebrews 11:3 (ESV)

Think about it this way. Manufacturers create products all the time, with all the correct and necessary parts, and confidently promote and sell these products. These products are just things, perishable, material things that come with guarantees, but also warranties and disclaimers. Wow! But we believe them, we believe in the products, and we pay to acquire them. If we can believe in products made by humanity, knowing that they are not flawless, how much more should we believe in a God who declares that He has created us fearfully and wonderfully! Should we not allow the power of this God to enter our spirits, and allow His glory to light our way so we can take off, not from the ordinary man-made path of life, but from His extraordinary divine power, assisting us in taking flight into meaningful purpose and a sure destiny?

What would life be like if we let His faith in us be our heartbeat? What if we tested Him out and we saw ourselves through His eyes and through His blueprint for each of us? What if we allowed His hope for us, His faith in us, be our fuel to be the best that we can ever be, maximizing every potential? What could be so bad about believing in such a God? What is it that is so hateful about Him who gives life, who shows us a way when situations become terrifying, tough, difficult to endure, and seemingly impossible? What is it about us that is turned off by a God who does not want us to give up on ourselves?

Maybe we are afraid to believe that He exists and maybe we cannot fathom that such a divine being actually believes in us, because in our limited human capacity we cannot contain that belief, because all we see are our imperfections, our fears, anxieties, anger and depression.  Maybe we are unable to process the thought that God believes in us? Maybe we are incapable of seeing how precious, valuable and priceless we are in His eyes.

Then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature. -Genesis 2:7 (ESV)

Is our limited human and carnal nature all we are or is there more to us?

Wouldn’t it be wise to investigate and explore if we are indeed divinely created and therefore born with such life-giving, life-empowering, problem-conquering, victorious-living power? It’s always our choice to do the research.

I don’t believe that we are mere theories and guinea pigs to and of science and intellect.  I believe that we are created way beyond that. We have evolved in so many ways than one, but it does not remove the truth that we are created by God.

Maybe its time for you to find out!




God’s Ageless, Unchanging and Indestructible Runway


Take flight and soar into your purpose and destiny from God’s runway! Our beginning may not have been a great start. Some of us may have done things in the past which we find too difficult to think about or deal with, but our ending does not have to be determined by our past. There is grace, power, mercy, love, ready and waiting for us. There is what I call, a spiritual runway, which is built by God for all of us. It has already been provided for us, it is always there, waiting for us to simply ask and take the step towards victory and true freedom. It has always been and always will be, ageless, unchanging, and indestructible. It is anchored in God, waiting for us to take flight into our purpose and destiny.

There are different types of man-made runways all over the world. Some point in the same direction and they are called parallel runways. However, this God-made runway I am writing about has no parallels in its unique strength, power, and capacity. It recognizes each and every one of us, and adjusts to us, meeting us at our point of need and taking into consideration the depth of our wounds. It adjusts itself according to our condition without losing its unique power, grace, and love for us. It recognizes that we are all different and that we all need different levels and platforms from which to take flight.

This runway does not provide a cookie-cutter, one-size fits-all platform. It is intentionally customized according to our needs, gifts, and purpose, without loving any of us more than another, but covering us all under the umbrella of grace and mercy. With this runway, we do not need to be skeptical about it wavering. It is not man-made, thus it does not change on us. It remains the same, yesterday, today, and forever. It is not two-faced, or encumbered with hidden cracks. On the contrary, it is whole, divine. This runway is stable, unbendable, unbreakable, and unchanging, but will adjust to assist us within our current situation. In its divinity, it knows us by nature. We cannot fool it, as it knows how heavy or light we are. While other runways are inconsistent, and require us to be a certain type of weight, this runway says, “Come as you are.”

Whether the weather is stable or unstable, peaceful or raging, calm or filled with turbulence, this runway remains unshakable. This runway is infallible, and strong enough to withstand any type of stress or temperature. It will not melt or change shape under pressure because it cannot be constrained or intimidated by any condition, situation, or circumstance. It has one purpose, one goal, and that is to assist us into taking flight into our unique destinies. It carries us when we are ready to take flight on our maiden voyage. It does not condemn us when we are back to try again, if we didn’t complete the first take off.

It will not impede you, or allow anything or anyone from stopping or blocking you. It knows when you are ready to glide, and when you drift and come back. It might not look like what we are used to, but that is because it is not. It is precise. It is focused on us, where we need to go and where we need to be. Its lights never go out and will never have a power failure.

This runway’s foundation can and will withstand anything for our sakes. Formed of the materials of grace, power, forgiveness, mercy, love, peace, joy, strength, and wisdom, it will not wear out. Its parts do not need to be patched up, and do not need to be replaced! Its surface is always even and dependable, no cracks (seen or unseen) in this foundation.

This runway does not need permission from anyone to allow us to take off, but instead has been patiently waiting for us to have faith and take flight into our destiny and purpose. It takes into account our condition and our situation before it carries us, maximizing our potential and speed to take flight. It is constant and consistent for all of us, filled with unconditional love to carry us over to the other side, not where the grass is falsely greener, but where there is true success, true victory, and true peace. We can take off from it in any weather conditions. It carries divine patience for us, taking us however far we need to crawl, run, or push to take flight, however long it takes. Try God’s runway!