What Really Matters to God


We worry, we fret, and so we seek answers in the wrong places, in the wrong things, and in the wrong people that we worship and follow. They see our desperation, our hunger to be delivered from our agony, poverty, loneliness, disease, and trauma, and they prey on us. We have nothing left to give, yet they keep coming back to ask us for more, and we keep giving what we don’t have, in a desperate attempt to find real joy, real peace, real health, and real prosperity. Is that the way to go? Is that how we really want to live? If only we could just turn back to God’s power, direction and guidance.

God is not as far away from us as we have been made to believe. God is not petty and standoffish. God does not care about where you have been, or what you have done. He cares about your soul today, this very moment; about your future; and where you will end up. That is what really matters to Him, not your mistakes, shame, guilt, or other people’s judgment on or of you. He can and He will give you balm to heal and power to overcome your demons, torments, and nightmares, and set you free, indeed.

God’s one mission is to bring you to the path that will fulfill your soul, mind heart, spirit and body. Stop allowing people to make you feel weak and useless; unworthy and unwanted by God—so much so that you do not realize and understand that you have a voice that He knows.

He will hear your voice when you call out. He knows who you are, my friend. He knows every single hair on your head and you are the apple of His eye, even when others count and cast you as unworthy, contemptible, and not good enough.

He wants to develop a rich relationship with you, even when you or others deem you as undeserving and unfit to be in His presence or to receive His love.

He just loves you, anyway, unconditionally.

That, is Who God IS!




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