Don’t You Dare Limp Into 2018


Everything has its timing. Everything has its moment. For the most part when we miss the timing, when we miss the moment, it does not come around. Yes, we are given second chances in life, but the same moment never seems to ever come around again. However, we can make use of the other chances and opportunities that have been, and will be, given to us. We can take advantage of the opportunities that give us another chance in life. Should we continue to wallow in what we missed, have pity parties and limp on into the New Year with deep regret, beating ourselves up, or will we lay the past down and blast into the future?

It appears that life understands that we have missed very life changing and very important opportunities and finds ways and moments to assist us in making up for that by bringing and ushering into our lives new opportunities. If we are too zoned in on the past, if we are too focused on what could have been, if we are too encumbered with wishing this had happened, and wishing that this hadn’t happened, when and how will we able to take hold of the new? If we are so soaked in the old, how will we be blessed by the new?

Lay it all down dear friend. Lay down the stuff that is holding you down, pulling you back and short-circuiting your dear life. Let’s go into the New Year with a joyful stride, dropping all the weights and enter all the weights. It does not have to be a loud stride, it can simply be a quiet determination, a quiet decision, to bury the past, leave it where it belongs, and embrace the chance and opportunity to experience something exceptional in 2018. People don’t even have to know or hear about it; what matters most is that you have found the will to become who you should be and what you should do, in order to fulfill your purpose. Picture where you can be, where you should be, in the New Year, and begin planning and working towards what you see, what you imagine and what you know you can be and do. What is stopping you?

Strive to make the brave choice. Look at the root of the problems, the troubles and torment raging within you. Take your eyes off what others have done to you, or what your mistakes in life are, and focus on cleaning yourself up and growing beautifully. Make that choice. Make that decision. Make that determination. Your life, your destiny, your future, the purpose for your existence, depends on it. Your joy, your peace, your mind, your soul, your spirit, depend on it. Don’t deprive yourself of another chance!

Prepare yourself for the future. Don’t wait until 2018, do it now, and enter the New Year with knowledge, power and victory.

What are you waiting for? Don’t you dare limp into 2018! I am cheering for you!




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