Before It Is Too Late Sister


For hundreds of years our souls have been taught that the one is better than the other. For hundreds of years it has been drummed into our spirit that the one is higher than the other. For hundreds of years it has been drilled into our minds that the one is beneath the other. These greatly dark lies have to stop. These damaging lies have to stop. These ill-founded fabrications have to be erased. These deceptions have to be conquered together, by us sister. These denigrating and degrading falsehoods have to be defeated by us, together, sister. We have to find the understanding sister, the strength, courage, wisdom and power to overcome these destructive lies that have separated us for centuries, and soar together, beyond their evil saturation and influence.

You are not better than me. I am not better than you. As women we face many of the same challenges. We cry for liberty, we cry for freedom, we cry for equality, but yet, some of us think we are better, or less, than the other. We have fed into the damaging lies, and if we keep on doing so, they will continue to take away the joy of being sisters. They will blind us from the peace of coming together. They will disunite us from the power of coming together as one, and assisting each other in fulfilling our purpose.

We have found ways to belittle each other, we have allowed ourselves to be taught that one is more intelligent than the other, and that one is more acceptable than the other for all the wrong reasons. We have permitted ourselves to believe that one has more authority than the other, and that even God loves the one more than the other, when in truth, He surrounds you and I with nothing but unconditional love, regardless of race, color, creed or background.

When will we stop self-destructing and destroying each other? When will we come together to heal, be whole and use our strength to heal each other and the world?  When will the children grow up to see that one is not better than the other? That they all deserve dignity, love, joy, peace and respect, regardless of their race, creed or complexion. It starts with you and I sister. It starts with you and I. Yes.

We are the ones who can feed and nurture the future, the children, relationships, and work places. We both hold the capacity to destroy or to build. Which will it be? We both have the power to crush or to give life. Which will we choose?

What does it matter what my complexion is, or what yours is? There is nothing about you that is better than me, and there is nothing about me that is better than you.  Time to wake up sister from the lies that we have been fed. Time to wake up sister, from the deceits and falsehoods that we have allowed ourselves to believe and have become comfortable in. Time to wake up sister, from the deceptions we have swallowed and fooled ourselves with. Time to wake up sister from the prejudices, stigma, judgments, preconceived notions and biases that have flooded our minds, souls and spirits about each other.

Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs. -Proverbs 10:12 (NIV)

Wake up sister. Wake up. Let’s build, together, before it is too late.


Find Your Own Truth



Find Your Own Truth

Lesson One: Who Am I? Who Do I Want To Be? Do I Know?

Lesson Two: DO I Know My Purpose In Life? What Does It Look Like?

Lesson Three: What Am I Going To Do About It?

Lesson Four: I Have never Thought About My Purpose In Life. What Am I Going To Do About It?

Lesson Five: What Are My Spiritual Beliefs And Foundation?

Lesson Six: How Does My Spiritual Belief Influence My Emotions, Thoughts And Actions?

Lesson Seven: I am Not Spiritual, Who Or What Do I Draw Strength, Wisdom, Courage And Direction From?

Lesson Eight: What Do I Want My End Of Life To Look Like?

I believe in you and your God given potential!