The God Who Is Unashamed of Us

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More than ever in our world, we need something, someone, much bigger than us, bigger than our imagination, bigger than our situation, our tears, agony and frustration. Someone who can do more than what we ask for, think or imagine. Someone who can give us more than what we seek.

We need someone who understands true power, abundance and prosperity of the spirit, the mind, the heart, the soul and the spirit. We need someone who can carry us beyond our trauma, agony and suffering; who give us unimaginable peace and unspeakable joy.

We need the living God who understands and makes a way where there seems to be no way.

We need the living God who makes the crooked paths straight.

We need the living God who delivers and redeems.

We need the living God who brings salvation into every situation we face in life.

We need the living God who begins a thing and finishes it.

We need the living God who meets us at the point of our deepest need.

We need the living God who turns our mourning into dancing, our sorrows into joy, our shame into honor.

We need the living God who turns our dirt into beauty, and our guilt into deliverance and liberty.

We need the living God who turns our torment into rejoicing, who brings laughter into our mouths and singing to our tongues.

We need the living God who says come unto me, you who are heavy burdened.

We need the living God who keeps His word, and upholds the world by the power of His word.

We need the living God who is more than able to keep His Word and His promises.

We need the living God who can love us as we truly are and transform us into the beauty that we truly are in and through Him.

We need the living God who can actually break our prison doors, the ones that keep us mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically crippled.

We need the God who is unashamed of us; who we are, where we have been or what we have done.

Are you ready for Him? He is not ashamed of you.

Are you ready for His unconditional love? Know what He loves you.

Are you ready for His faithfulness? He will see you through, my friend.

Are you ready for His grace? He is quick to bless.

Are you ready for His transformation power? He is the greatest healer there is.

Attach to the beauty of the living God, and know the difference. All you have to do is ask.

Adapt your life to His life giving power, and experience Him for yourself.

Connect with Him and trust Him, He is the way maker. He will not disappoint.

Fix the mystery of your problems to His mystery of solving them.

Make the difference, for your life, the lives of your loved ones and the lives of the world.

Attach, connect, adapt, to the beauty and life-saving power of God.  Taste and see, look up, to the God who is unashamed of us and ask for His help.

Immigration: Uncommon Kindness, America


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                                     Immigration: Uncommon Kindness, America


America, we proclaim that we are one nation under God and in God we trust. With this in mind, and with the privilege of being a world power, should we not show His great kindness, generosity, love and forgiveness to those who need us the most? After all, we are all God’s children, are we not?

“The earth and everything it contains are the LORD’s. The world and all who live in it are his.” – Psalm 24:1 (God’s Word Translation)

In Dead Man Walking, Sister Helen Prejean stressed that, “It is better to help ten real hurting people – or nine, or one, than to be overwhelmed and withdraw and do nothing.” In light of this, I would like to put a face to immigrants and ask us to use our greatness to demonstrate kindness. Let us be benevolent with our greatness towards the pain, fear, nostalgia, agony, insecurity and embarrassment that immigrants suffer.

“You are to have the same law for the foreigner and the native-born. I am the LORD your God.” – Leviticus 24:22 (NIV)

Immigrants have been misunderstood and vilified, but they are a source of enormous potential for our great nation. They are not the cause of the world’s problems or America’s problems. It is the thirst for power, greed, war and money by some, who are the cause of mankind’s inhumanity towards each other. Their lusts have catalyzed events around the world that have led to the displacement and uprooting of millions of people fleeing their native lands, in pursuit of basic survival. You would do the same if you were in their shoes. Immigrants, often have to flee from dangerous, destitute, undignified and life threatening situations in their own countries. Most immigrants do not choose to be exiled from their homes and countries of origin but endure destructive and oppressive conditions that force them to uproot their families. With hopes for a new beginning and the guts to start life all over again, they risk their lives and that of their children to come to America, a country that has always been viewed as a beacon of hope. Would we not do the same for our families, our children?

My country of origin, Sierra Leone, suffered a brutal civil war. Hands and legs of men, women and children were hacked off; young girls and women were gang raped; pregnant women were cut open as the rebels tried to guess the sex of their babies. Our story is filled with horrors that no human being should ever have to endure. International diamond companies benefited from our shed blood and terrifying agony, as international dealers exchanged arms for our national diamonds. Foreign nationals built their fortunes out of our misfortune. They built their companies’ dreams out of our nightmares. From our torture and pain and bloodshed, they created so-called success for themselves, and as their families and children lacked for nothing through blood money, many innocent war victims were killed or fled for their lives but were treated with repulsion, deemed not human enough, and labeled as an inconvenience to foreign countries—many of whom were aware that men, women and children were being wiped out by the hundreds every day, as their mercenaries took our diamonds and stood by and watched as our people were mutilated, raped, decapitated and butchered.

Part One

Many immigrants come to the United States out of the necessity to escape grave danger, hunger and persecution. They migrate to protect their children and families, to give them a better life. Being an immigrant can be a humiliating, belittling, downgrading and degrading experience, especially when you have to start from the very bottom and re-establish yourself in a new country. Immigrants do not come to America to purposely abuse the American system and way of life. Men, women and children have come to this country because, for most, the alternative is death. If you were faced with a decision to either come to America or to stay and have your daughter gang raped by militia, your son taken as a child soldier, your wife or husband mutilated and tortured to death, or to watch your malnourished baby slowly die, would you not risk everything you had, to find a safe haven for them? If that safe haven was America, would you not bring them here?

Immigrants come to this country not to take jobs, healthcare and education from Americans; they come simply to stay alive. Immigrants will do almost anything to arrive in America because of what we say we stand for—freedom, dignity, justice and opportunity. How many of us can truly say that dating back to our ancestors and looking at all our last names that we are truly natives of this vast land? Not one of us, except the Native American.

Immigrants want to contribute not just to America but to the world. Like every other human being, they have hopes and dreams. No matter what they have been through, no matter the journey, the suffering, the mocking, or the bullying they have endured, they are resilient. They want to make something out of their lives and make their life and every breath they take worth living, because that is all that they have left. Immigrants want to help but their hands are tied by the stifling rhetoric in our current public discourse, the hate, myopia and lack of understanding that pervades our immigration policies. Many want to be a voice, but their voices are broken, shattered and shut down. Many want to rise up and shine, but they are suppressed and living in fear, daily. Many want to be assets, not liabilities, to our great nation, but are not given the wherewithal and opportunity to do so. Instead, many individuals, with all their potent talent and potential often have to hide and remain in darkness, denied the power of adding to and harnessing the greatness of America. Instead, children who are the future of our world have been traumatically separated from their families under the zero tolerance policy. Doesn’t that make you wonder what the ramifications will be for the future of this great nation for such inhumane conduct? Years from now, what will be the effect on our children, on our nation, when some of us glory in breaking and tearing other people’s lives apart?

Unfortunately, some of us believe that we are set apart from the rest of the world, and that we can behave however we want and that there will be no consequences. The truth is, America is made up of the rest of the world; no other country is or comes close. We have convinced ourselves that we are somehow disconnected from the rest of the world, when in fact, almost every, if not all, races run through our veins and bloodline, whether we want to admit to that or not. Blinding ourselves to that fact and convincing ourselves that we are different, greater and more powerful than others, who we appear to assume are beneath us, does not take away the fact the races of the world run through each and every one of us and that therein lies our greatness.

Part Two

What makes us great is the power, the strength, the talent and potential that we carry inside us, a people made up of many nations and the gifts that come with that. Denying others human dignity, creating animosity, hurt, anger and outrage across the globe only destroys us America. It eats away at the fabric of who we are, who we should be, and why we exist. We carry the diversity, intelligence, intuition and spirit of many, from different lands, who have come before us. In rejecting others we reject ourselves and who we truly are, and that is dangerous to our well-being and existence.

As for our current treatment of immigrant children, I am at loss for words; it is indescribable inhumanity. How can we be so unforgiving? How can we preach faith when we crush another’s hopes and dreams? Which god are we one nation under? What legacy are we leaving our own children when we deprive and rip other children away from their parents? What are we saying to the rest of the world? What foundation are we building for America’s future? Who will benefit from such cruel error?

If America were to pass laws to support immigrants and allow them to live openly and restore their hope and dignity, America would reap this act of kindness in beautiful and unimaginable ways. This is America, and we have the greatness, the power, and the gift to not only be kind to others but to give them back their dignity and treat them as brothers and sisters. It is who we are, and it is who we should show the world that we are. That is the foundation of kindness and mercy that will carry and sustain our children’s future in this great nation. Making America great again should not mean, turning an immigrant child’s life into unspeakable pain, fear and indignity. Making our nation great again should not be built on the tears, blood and agony of others. Making our nation great again should not mean ripping families apart. Remember, we reap what we sow.

 “One comes to appreciate that there can be no ‘we’s’, and ‘they’s’ but only brothers and sisters – all children of God – all sacred and dignified.” – Gandhi

 Part Three

Immigrants are not looking for pity, but dignity, the right to live as human beings. There are plenty of brilliant immigrants and hardworking, well-meaning and respectful, and given the opportunity, they will continue to contribute positively to America, to uplift her, and to support her. They are proud and grateful to be here. They understand and the benefits of being industrious, resourceful and productive in this great nation, and if we were to show kindness to them, we would reap the benefits. That kindness is what will continue to make an already great America, even greater. Unfortunately and sadly, it seems as though we live in a culture that appears to view kindness as weakness, but it is not. It is power.

Millions, even as early as the recent past, have laid their lives for the enjoyment of our freedom. To honor those deaths and that type of sacrifice, let us use our freedom and free will to sow love, mercy, kindness, peace, and forgiveness to those who need us. Others, including naturalized immigrant men and women, have given their lives in order for us to flourish; we can repay them by thinking beyond ourselves and showing kindness to their descendants, spouses and children of all backgrounds, and to the neighbors and strangers in our land. After all, our ancestors too were once strangers and gave their lives for us and to this great land.

Yes, we have to protect our nation, but we should not allow fear to make us act like anyone but our better self. Today, in present day America, let our kindness and compassion, not our fears and insecurities, guide our nation. Let us use our power for good, to be just, kind and even sacrificial, as others have done for us. Let us be an example of unconditional love and uncommon kindness.

 Part Four

 Indeed, may God bless America, and as He blesses us, may we in turn bless those among us who need us ever so desperately. Vilifying and blaming immigrants for problems that have long been in existence will not automatically wash away our guilt, pain, shame and insecurities. Blaming immigrants will not heal America. Instead, we create for ourselves and our children very deep and heavy emotional, mental and spiritual debts. The kind we cannot even begin to understand. We do not want the burden and consequences of such debts. We must be careful that such profound debts do not fall on the shoulders of our own children. So let us take the log out of our own eyes, before we take out the twig in the eyes of immigrants. In all our getting, let us get wisdom and understanding. Let us remember that when you give to the poor you lend to God, and He will reward us with great blessings.

We preach God, but let us not forget how God expects us to behave toward those who need us the most. If we say we believe in Him, that in Him we trust, and that we are one nation under Him then let’s act like it. The reason why we are one nation under Him is because we are made up of so many nations that we needed a higher power to pull us and keep us together, and not to destroy each other, or other people’s lives. God already created each of us great. Our greatness is not something we have to chant and incant to cause others harm. Our greatness is not something we have to shout out loud, it is innate, already residing within us and with that comes great responsibility, trust and moral consciousness. Our greatness is a state of mind and being we should walk in every day, with great love, kindness and security.

Kindness is NOT weakness! It is real power. It’s not easy, but in the face of all the anger, pessimism, bitterness, evil, meanness and darkness we are surrounded by every day, we can make the brave choice to light the flames of kindness. With all the complexities of life, I know that we can choose to use our freewill to push back against hate and unkindness. We can face the darkness within us and turn it into light.

Part Five

Life is not always clear-cut; we all have many fears and questions, but they should not lead us to destroy another who is genuinely seeking and pleading for solace, and for the right to be treated humanely. They should not even have to plead for such virtues. I dare to believe that we can love better instead of hating; we can be kind instead of unkind if we make the brave choice to do so. We are humans. Our solution to our personal fears, insecurities and anger do not have to result in the destruction of another human being.

Let’s stop for a minute and take a really good look around us. What has hate, stigma, prejudice, finger-pointing, unkindness, put-downs, slander, division and stereotyping done for humanity? Our pain, anger, confusion and insecurities are not a license to inflict wounds on other people. Our choices should not enlist us to hate and to despise other people just because they look and act differently than us. Hate, meanness and unkindness are cheap commodities, found everywhere, but kindness and love are hard to come by.

  • How has hate and wrecking another soul assisted us?
  • How has such behavior, such mindsets, served humanity or set us free?
  • Do we derive real joy and real peace from such behavior?
  • Are we set free from our personal demons?
  • Are we healed from darkness, depression and insecurities?
  • Do we regain our confidence and self-love?
  • Do we become liberated and relieved from our deepest fears, misplaced and misdirected anger?
  • Are we delivered from our personal torments, trauma and agony?

The answer to all of the above is plain and simple—NO. Our human race needs all the love and kindness we can muster, more than ever. We begin by changing our mindset; the way we think and do things. Are we not tired of being afraid and hateful? Are we not tired of feeling and being helpless? Are we not tired of hurting each other? Are we not tired of going around in circles? Do we not realize and understand that there is more to us than our anger, prejudice, stigma and depression? We are terrified and broken but we cannot give up or give in to darkness, fear, depression and pulling each other down. We have to start thinking about how we can rise up from the dust and build each other up. We do not have to tear each other down. We do not have to tear each other apart. We do not have to bring division among ourselves. We do not have to crush and suppress each other, and turn and blame the immigrant for our demise. We do not have to look down on each other. We do not have to glory in and gloat at other people’s terrifying life conditions. That will not bring us any form of true healing or deliverance.

Instead, we can choose to accommodate and assist each other. We can choose to not take out our pain, agony, insecurities and fears out on each other. We can strive to make the brave choice to look at the root of our problems and torments raging within us, to fix them, and to not blame others. We can all become assistants and assist each other in so many ways. Imagine how you can help this nation grow. Imagine how you can serve. What if you didn’t just stop there? What if you acted on your imagination and dared to bring it to life?

Part Six

Imagine if you decide to step out of yourself and go out of your own way to improve someone else’s day, to improve the life of an immigrant? The effect will be endless, so much so that we will never be able to measure it, because each of our actions take on a life of their own once we put them in motion in our nation.

Our positive, everyday deeds will bless countless people who we will never meet, who we will never know. The blessings have to start from somewhere, from someone, from us. Let us be the blessing to this beautiful land we all call home. And in blessing others, we also will be blessed, beyond our imagination.

If indeed in God we trust, if indeed we are one nation under God, then let’s practice the unconditional love and uncommon kindness that that trust and belief come with. Let’s not use His name and scripture to injure others and cause unspeakable, indescribable agony, in the lives of others.

Indeed, we are a great nation. Let us be the example, exhibit and illustrate uncommon kindness, uncommon compassion, uncommon love, humble and uncommon power.

Indeed, God Bless America. God knows, we need His blessings now more than ever!

Merciful Perspective


What if your healing required you having mercy on the one that caused your pain or trauma? I mean, you having mercy on whoever violated you, hurt you in some form and fashion, or caused and created certain agonizing events in your life? Would you? Could you? Should you? WILL you?

What if instead of hating them, condemning them, you are prompted to show them mercy? What if that would set you free?

What if, for your healing to take place, you had to have mercy on them? Would you continue being justifiably angry, or would you let go and have mercy? 

What if by forgiving them, no matter what they did to you, you forgave them instead of holding on to bitterness, and you become whole again?

What if, by showing them love, (love? Yes!), you are able to experience the power of your uniqueness again?

What if, by showing them compassion, you are able to rebuild your life again?

What if by wishing them well, you are able to bring in beautiful moments into your world?

What if by blessing them, you are able to attract abundance of life into your life?

What if you mercifully tried to see their perspective, and why they did what they did to you?

Nonsensical perspective is it not? Such a hard, painful, almost impossible thing to do.

But in all that nonsense may very well lie your deliverance, healing, gift and purpose.

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.  Matthew 5:7 (NIV)

If you cannot face them, you can release them, and yourself, on paper. Write it down. You know? And set yourself free!


Higher Self



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Do not lose your humanity on the job. You are human and so are your colleagues. We are working with people with real feelings, and real life challenges. We do not know what damage is weighing them down, or how many tears they shed when no one is looking or why.

We are all dealing with pain in one way or another for different reasons, from different types of experiences. We know what ours is but we cannot read another’s. Unfortunately, most of our colleagues use the work platform to manifest their personal torment, prejudices, insecurities and biases.

Should you consistently react and become who and whatever they want you to become?

Or should you take the higher ground and just be yourself?

Should you find a way to get them back, be vindictive? Or forgive and let it go?

It’s not that you are dumb or stupid, and yes oftentimes you are justified to give it right back, but there is more power in letting their words and actions become water on a duck’s back. Keep moving. See it for what it is: not worth your time of day. Most importantly you are not the one for a tit-for-tat situation. You have worked on yourself too hard, been through too much, come a long way to let yourself stoop to that!

Be your higher self and take the higher ground. Yes, this can be very agonizing most times, but with much practice, it becomes easier and easier to a point where you almost don’t even have to think about it and will yourself to take a higher ground, you just simply find yourself doing so naturally.

When your focus is to fulfill purpose, or search for purpose in order to fulfill purpose, taking the higher ground becomes so much easier, because your focus is on destiny and not a destination that is one stop fits all.

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. – Colossians 3:2

What is your focus this week? Will you embrace your higher self?


Before It Is Too Late Sister


For hundreds of years our souls have been taught that the one is better than the other. For hundreds of years it has been drummed into our spirit that the one is higher than the other. For hundreds of years it has been drilled into our minds that the one is beneath the other. These greatly dark lies have to stop. These damaging lies have to stop. These ill-founded fabrications have to be erased. These deceptions have to be conquered together, by us sister. These denigrating and degrading falsehoods have to be defeated by us, together, sister. We have to find the understanding sister, the strength, courage, wisdom and power to overcome these destructive lies that have separated us for centuries, and soar together, beyond their evil saturation and influence.

You are not better than me. I am not better than you. As women we face many of the same challenges. We cry for liberty, we cry for freedom, we cry for equality, but yet, some of us think we are better, or less, than the other. We have fed into the damaging lies, and if we keep on doing so, they will continue to take away the joy of being sisters. They will blind us from the peace of coming together. They will disunite us from the power of coming together as one, and assisting each other in fulfilling our purpose.

We have found ways to belittle each other, we have allowed ourselves to be taught that one is more intelligent than the other, and that one is more acceptable than the other for all the wrong reasons. We have permitted ourselves to believe that one has more authority than the other, and that even God loves the one more than the other, when in truth, He surrounds you and I with nothing but unconditional love, regardless of race, color, creed or background.

When will we stop self-destructing and destroying each other? When will we come together to heal, be whole and use our strength to heal each other and the world?  When will the children grow up to see that one is not better than the other? That they all deserve dignity, love, joy, peace and respect, regardless of their race, creed or complexion. It starts with you and I sister. It starts with you and I. Yes.

We are the ones who can feed and nurture the future, the children, relationships, and work places. We both hold the capacity to destroy or to build. Which will it be? We both have the power to crush or to give life. Which will we choose?

What does it matter what my complexion is, or what yours is? There is nothing about you that is better than me, and there is nothing about me that is better than you.  Time to wake up sister from the lies that we have been fed. Time to wake up sister, from the deceits and falsehoods that we have allowed ourselves to believe and have become comfortable in. Time to wake up sister, from the deceptions we have swallowed and fooled ourselves with. Time to wake up sister from the prejudices, stigma, judgments, preconceived notions and biases that have flooded our minds, souls and spirits about each other.

Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs. -Proverbs 10:12 (NIV)

Wake up sister. Wake up. Let’s build, together, before it is too late.


Don’t Give Suicide Another Life


A friend reminded me that this is the time of year that many will take their own lives, and so I am writing to you in desperation. Do not allow suicide to take your life. Do not let suicide score with your life. You are too special. I am writing to the souls who are feeling suicidal. Please don’t. Please don’t do it. The darkness crowding in on you does not have to determine your future, your destiny, or your end. It may not feel like it at the moment, but you do have the power to conquer that. You have the power to overcome it. Believe it! You can have victory over suicide. You don’t have to go beautiful one, precious soul. Stay with the rest of us. Beat suicide and let your colors overwhelm the darkness.

It may not feel like it, this very moment, but there is a precious reason why you exist. There is a valuable reason why you are here. There is a worthy reason for your presence on this Earth. Your life, no matter what has been done to you, no matter what your choices have been, and where they have led you, is not a mistake. Please wait. Hold on. Hang in there. I don’t know who you are, but we are fighting for your life, your spirit, your soul and your mind right now. Stay, don’t give suicide another life. There is help!

When Jesus saw her, he called her over and said to her, “Woman, you are freed from your disability.” Luke 13:12 (ESV)

It may be extremely difficult to see, feel and comprehend it right now, in your current state of loneliness, rejection and feeling defeated, but there still is a light in you, and there is still purpose residing within you, waiting for you to tap into it and take off.

Don’t lose your power and give in. Have the courage to live. Have the courage to thrive. See yourself in a different light. Give yourself another chance, and dare to believe that you are more beautiful than how you feel right now. Breathe. Fight. Live. And there is One who can help.

And Jesus went throughout all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction. –Matthew 9:35 (ESV)

Precious friend, wonderful soul, if death is going to come, it will come in its own time. Don’t give in to suicide, don’t succumb to it because you are feeling worthless, dark and depressed, and feeling like you can no longer go on. Reach deep for the light within you. Reach for God who created you with more strength, more power and more love than you can ever imagine!

I know that life can be brutal, I know that it can be unjust, it can be a nightmare, and people can make you feel like you are not worth the life that you have been given. BUT THAT IS A LIE. There is a quality about you, there is a uniqueness about you, there is something which only you have, to give to this world, so live and give the world your gift.

Let your colors shine in the darkness! Don’t allow the darkness to take away your colors. Stay alive and overwhelm the darkness. Do not let it overwhelm you. Choose life!

This is my comfort in my affliction, that your promise gives me life. 

Psalm 119:50 (ESV)

Don’t give suicide another life. Not yours.


Painting the Canvas of Our Lives


If we were given blank canvases and we were asked to paint our lives thus far, including everything that we can remember and of course, the things that we do not want to remember, what would the canvas of our lives look like? Begin to imagine what that would look like. Which colors would end up on the canvas of our lives, what shades, which dark colors, which bright colors, would end up on our individual canvases? If we were asked to paint the canvas of our lives today, right this moment, which colors would we start with, which colors would we joyfully paint, which colors would we cringe and wince from painting? Which colors would make us want to continue painting, which ones would make us want to stop painting?

I wonder if anyone’s canvas would be filled with only bright colors. I highly doubt that, but I could be wrong.  I know for a fact that mine would not be. Mine would have not only dark and bright colors put on me by others, but also dark and bright colors put on me by my choices and decisions in life. Mine would have not only dark and bright colors, and colors in between, but would also have different textures and many different shades. What would your canvas look like, what would it feel like?

There are some colors we would enjoy and lovingly paint on our life’s canvas, but there are others we would rather not remember, and rather not acknowledge and paint, because just the thought of them hurts too much. However, maybe, if we do find the courage to paint them onto our canvases, we will find some healing, and start the beginning of a new and fulfilled life, because we have finally chosen to face those demons and gotten them out either completely with one stroke, or little by little, with one stroke at a time.

My two cents on this matter is to keep on painting, every second, every hour, every day, every week, every month and every year. Keep on painting until you weep, until you burst into joy. Keep on painting no matter how rough, no matter how liberating, because there is more paint coming your way, every day, and your canvas of life will only become bigger and bigger, as your colors flow from within. Keep on painting until you find your direction in life, until that direction leads you into purpose. Keep on painting until you find yourself becoming more and more enlightened, and finding the boldness to find, build and fulfill your purpose.

What does the canvas of your life look like so far? No matter how rough or beautiful your life’s canvas becomes, don’t stop painting, because there is always more paint leading you to a larger and bigger purpose.


Take Good Care of Yourself

We are all capable of performing some deep soul searching in order to make the right choices, and become better and wiser at making those choices. We can make wiser choices for our hearts, our souls, our spirits, and our minds. We can make wiser choices about how we treat others because our treatment of them ultimately affects our lives. There is a time to be young and foolish, as the saying goes, but there  is a time for maturity, where our lenses in life, and of life, should change, and change for the better, after we would learned from our past mistakes, things we have done and things that have been done to us. Endeavor to take better care of yourself, strive to take good care of yourself, determine to take beautiful care of yourself. Be careful how you live your life and how you treat others, it will determine how healthy your life will become mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.

When a situation is extremely difficult I find that to take care of myself better, I have to be careful how I react for my own sake, for my peace of mind, and that of other people’s, especially if I don’t want to go back and say I am sorry. For me, having to go back to say I am sorry, is a biting reminder to myself that I perhaps could have handled things better, differently, if I had just taken that one deep breath, paused and taken the higher ground. Easier said than done, it can be so very difficult to take that higher ground. Sometimes I want to pretend it doesn’t exist and I want to give in to my carnal nature and fight back!  However, I find that if I take that one deep breath, walk away for a minute, a day, a week (dependent upon how deep the cut and how emotional I feel), I will find the strength, the peace and the wisdom to handle the situation or person more appropriately.

A positive, mature, and constructive response comes with a lot of practice and an attitude that is always less on the defensive. That’s why when we are angry, weak, confused and hurting, we should take better care of ourselves by not talking to just anyone, but selectively talk to a very few, who we know will keep our minds and spirits healthy by being straight shooters with us, and not encourage us to hold self-obsessed, bitter and angry pity parties. No matter what our upset, they are able to lovingly but firmly give us an objective and healthy perspective, one that helps us to go back and self-reflect, figure out how or where we went wrong, and what we could have done better. A lot of times it hurts, but if we want to take better care of ourselves, if we want to be a better individuals, we have to be careful and selective of who we allow to whisper into our souls, our hearts, our minds and our spirits, because we should only want the truth, which indeed does liberate us.

The more we assist ourselves in becoming better individuals, the deeper we are able to love ourselves, the better we are able to treat others, the more we are reminded to remain peaceful and use our power in a gentle but confident manner. We have the right and the capacity to be our best selves, even with all our imperfections, even when handling and dealing with other people’s imperfections. It brings you peace of mind, better self-acceptance and better self-love, not arrogance and pride, just gentle love and humility for yourself and towards others.

We can develop the ability to achieve quiet inner confidence and a power that propels us to serve and uplift, support and sustain others, bear up and bring solace to others. In turn, as we do so, we experience deeper peace, acquire greater strength, become filled with in depth wisdom, and the courage to love not only ourselves more and more, but others as well. It is not about becoming a people pleaser, it’s about becoming our better selves and taking better care of him or her. And as we do so, we become more careful about how we treat others and in turn it creates, develops and builds a healthier self-awareness, self-love and self-worth state of being.

Take good care of yourself!


Your Appointment is Here


You are lying in your bed, eyes closed, breathing really heavily, trying to sum up the strength to get up. “Where am I going?”

You are staring into space, shoulders weighed down, and your heart too heavy to even think another thought. “What should I do?”

You are looking at your work screen, wondering when it will all ever end; where is the light at the end of the tunnel? Does it exist? If it does, when will it become your reality? “Who should I be?

Your life flashes before you, and you see how much and how hard you have tried to fit into this world and its system, but you have exhaustively concluded that after all the mental, emotional and physical torture you have undergone, tried to do everything the “right way”, but you find yourself asking, “What is the reason for my existence on this Earth?”

Money couldn’t fill the emptiness, relationships, jobs, did not take care of it, and certainly no material gain fulfilled you. They may have at one point, but it was temporary fulfillment; it couldn’t, it wouldn’t, last, and you are left wondering, “Which path should I take?”

Your spirit is suffocating.

You have read many useful books and watched knowledgeable videos illustrating how to do this and that, to become truly happy and fulfilled. You’ve joined many groups, talked with friends and family, listening, sharing, and seeking answers, but alas, even though you have gained some insight and wisdom, you find yourself back where you had started pondering, “What will my end of life look like?”

Whatever situation you find yourself in now, whatever people have labeled you as, whatever you have labeled yourself as, whatever guilt, shame or insecurity, you are unconditionally loved. You are so deeply loved that a divine blueprint had already been laid out for you; for the prosperity of your soul, mind and spirit. Before anything that has ever happened to you, that is happening to you, or will ever happen to you, happens, an appointment was already set for you, one that only you can fulfill. Your unique appointment bears and carries your purpose, and you are restless because your spirit is crying out to fulfill your appointment. You are not a mistake, you are chosen.

I chose you before I formed you in the womb; I set you apart before you were born. I appointed you a prophet to the nations…” – Jeremiah 1:5 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

Nothing else can curb that empty restlessness you are feeling. Your appointment is close. Your appointment is here. All you have to do is call out for it, and it will come.

Call to me, and I will answer you. I will tell you great and mysterious things that you do not know.  –  Jeremiah 33:3 (GOD’S WORD® Translation)