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This site has been created for people who are desperate to find and build their own unique purpose. YOU HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING ELSE,YET SOMETHING IS MISSING!

My name is Sonia Huh, (nee Bangura).  I am the self-published author of The Reminder: Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence, Dunamis: Untapped, Uncommon Power, and The Real Secret: A Power Vs. The Power.

My purpose for this site is to assist others in discovering who they truly are, and uplift them to have the courage, faith, strength, to become that person, through what I believe is God’s Divine Blueprint, for their own lives.

This website is here to bring hope, buoy up, to love, to care for, to support, to motivate, to inspire, to bring faith, to heal, to bring and give Quiet Power and Peaceful Confidence to all in the hopes that they too will not only find and discover their purpose in life, but will also find the power to build their own unique purpose.

Who have you become?
Who should you become?
What has stopped you?
What are you going to do about it?
Find your own unique Divine Blueprint. Therein lies your true power.

It was never a part of my plans while growing up to live in another country and call it home, and I fondly refer to America as my unexpected home. My plans had always been to live in Sierra Leone and to use my education, gifts and talents to assist the poor and uneducated. I attribute my being here to a Divine Plan, uniquely designed for me, which is still unfolding day by day as I mature spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Leading to my life experiences thus far, I have finally discovered myself and I believe that my calling is to be a Purpose Finder and a Purpose Builder, assisting others to never give up or give in to darkness, despair, trauma or tragedy, but instead make a quiet determination to connect with God and find the power, beauty, wisdom, strength and courage which lie within our layers of hurt, pain and agony, and choose to live and thrive.

And so I write, and I speak up, so that others will FIND who they are and why they are on this Earth, and I write and I speak up so that they too will BUILD their purpose, no matter what.

As an African child, I had been fortunate enough to attend elite boarding and international schools, create lifelong friends with people from all races, religions and non-religions, and walks of life. After living away from my country of birth to Sierra Leone, I decided to go back home and that journey led me to witness the agonizing and horrifying sickness and indignity of poverty.  I recall sitting on steps behind a church while in Sierra Leone, weeping and crying out to God, asking, “Why all this suffering? Why all this pain? Why all this poverty, sickness, disease and agony?” I had witnessed the indescribable suffering of fellow Sierra Leoneans and had realized what they had to do in order to survive; things which I did not have to do. What I did not know at the time, while sitting tearfully on those steps behind that church with the weight of my questions, was that those steps, and my candid conversation with God that day, began ordering my steps.

That experience led me towards my purpose in life. During the course of the Sierra Leone Blood Diamond civil war I found myself rooted from my sheltered life and dreams. I now live in America, a nation I had never imagined I would one day call home. The tables turned on me and I had one choice; to live or to die. I chose to live! But not just to live, but to do so without bitterness, anger, malice and depression toward the world and my fellow human beings. I have no regrets for my very painful experiences; I believe I am a better person.

Upon arriving in the United States, I experienced life as an immigrant and the hardships, fears, insecurities, indignities, nostalgia and loneliness that came with it. I had lived my life as a protected child of diplomats, but once again, found myself unprotected from the challenges of life. I still feel blessed to have escaped the rape, torture, mutilation and death that many of my fellow Sierra Leonean sisters endured during the civil war that took place in Sierra Leone, and, “I do not, and will never take my life for granted.”  Neither should you, and neither should you give up or cave in.

And so I write, and I speak up, so that many, multitudes, will find the will to not just live, but thrive in their own original and unique Divine Blueprint, through God.

You’ve been searching for the answers, you’ve been asking why, you’ll been asking how, well, let’s begin.

On this website, as you read the blog posts you will discover how I survived and thrived. It is my hope that you will find information that will motivate, inspire and empower you to do the same.

Get copies of the books below, FIND and BUILD your purpose through your own original Blueprint.

Let’s learn from one another. Let’s support and uplift each other. Let’s buoy each other up.

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With Love and Peace,

Sonia Huh

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