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A Quiet Power, Peaceful Confident America


America, the time has come for us to show this nation, this land, how much we love and appreciate Her. The time has come for us to raise Her from fear and hate. There are millions of us, with many different talents and skills. We can use those skills and talents to build each other up and not destroy. We can use those skills and talents to construct and not destruct. We do not have to self-destruct; we are fearfully and wonderfully made, intelligent and powerful, to allow the darkness that is creeping into our nation to continue to pervade, influence and take over us. Let’s get to work!kennedy-1341305__180We begin by changing our mindset; the way we think and do things. Are we not tired of being afraid and hateful? Are we not tired of feeling and being helpless? Are we not tired of hurting each other? Are we not tired of going around in circles? Do we not realize and understand that there is more to us than our anger, prejudice, stigma and depression?  We are terrified and broken but we cannot give up or give in to darkness, fear, depression and pulling each other down. We have to start thinking about how we can rise up from the dust and build each other up. We do not have to tear each other down. We do not have to tear each other apart. We do not have to bring division amongst ourselves. We do not have to crush and suppress each other. We do not have to look down on each other for any reason whatsoever. We do not have to glory in and gloat in other people’s failures.

Instead, we can choose to accommodate and assist each other. Instead we can choose to not take out our pain, agony, insecurities, and fears out on each other. Instead we can strive to make the brave choice to look at the root of our problems and torments raging within us, and fix them.  We can all become assistants and assist each other in so many ways than one. Imagine how you can help this nation grow. Imagine how you can serve. What if you didn’t just stop there? What if you acted on your imagination and dared to bring it to life? Imagine if you decide to step out of yourself and go out of your way to improve someone else’s day. The effect will be endless, so much so that you will never be able to measure it, because each of our actions take on a life of their own once we put them in motion in our nation. Our positive, everyday deeds will bless uncountable numbers of people we will never meet, never know, but will touch and change. The blessings have to start from somewhere, from someone, from us. Let us be the blessing to this beautiful land we all call home.

Any one of us can choose to assist another if we choose to discipline our hearts, minds, spirits and souls, to do so. Imagine a nation where we all assisted, where we all made a choice to become less and less selfish, more and more selfless, putting another’s feelings or situation before our own because at the time it was the right thing to do? We do not have to be a tit for tat nation, always ready to pull each other down and apart. Let us not allow fear to make us become or act like anyone else but our better self. Let us make every effort not to contribute to negativity, even when we feel put down. Let us take a deep breath, have integrity and focus on recreating ourselves and building ourselves into a quietly powerful and peacefully confident nation. It starts with each of us as individuals.

Instead of looking for opportunities to be vindictive and hurtful, let us develop a mindset to assist, support and encourage each other. Let us be the assistant that diffuses a situation before it escalates into something very unpleasant.  Will you choose to be that one person who determines to send out good energy anyway, regardless of a tough situation? Will you choose to summon up the courage to destroy unkindness with kindness? Will you summon up the guts to simply walk away, and not hurt back, when the pain becomes too much? Let us make decisions that will fix things amongst us and in our nation in a way that will enhance our lives and that of others. It is extremely difficult, but we can learn to not hurt others even when we are hurting. No matter how much people are hurting us, or have hurt us, we can learn and determine to take the higher ground and not lash back. An extremely difficult thing to do, but not impossible; it takes a lot of consistent and determined effort and practice. It takes Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence. We are a hurting nation, a hurting people, and we desperately need a dynamic jolt into becoming a victorious nation, and thriving individuals. How are we going to accomplish that? Let’s start thinking, imagining and putting it all to work and to serve our nation.quote-1444099_1280Genuine fears have made us build walls which have turned into deeply rooted unhealthy pride. That type of deeply rooted fearful pride becomes part of our existence, like a second skin. We do not realize that it is directing our everyday decision, creating consequences in our lives that come back to bite us. They bite us because our decisions were made out of false confidence, false security, and false existence.  We have crash landed and we are in need of power, real power, to arise as a nation, as a people. I have the audacity to believe that God has created us with innate power to brilliantly soar and we can do just that, without destroying each other. We need power to arise and take off, and we can do so in the God that we say we trust.usa-1491732__180We need Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence which is simply the art of attaining deep self-control and deep peace in our spirit.  It is the power to emanate positive light. It is the power to be careful about what kind of ripple effect we bring into the lives of our family, friends, community, office and nation.  We are all capable of Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence.  The difference is that some of us make a deliberate choice to cultivate and nurture it and some do not. Like almost everything else, the more you practice the better you become at it.  It is a journey of deliberately exercising the mind and emotions to always rise above and do better, and the long-term effects are absolutely worth it. It is allowing spirit, not nature, to take over. It is about the power to forgive. There are so many ways to be vindictive, to lash out and to strike back, but there is only one way to forgive—a deliberate determination to let things go. Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence, it is constant self-denial to resist afflicting pain on others even when you have the means to do so. It is power to not rejoice in the pain of those who have unjustly hurt you.  It is incredible power that does not come cheap, that is deliberately nurtured. It is self-control at its highest. Quiet power, graceful power, forgiving power—it takes practice and it takes guts.

We live in a ruthless, selfish and self-indulgent age where Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence is seen as weakness, but it is not. While others are spending large amounts of energy scrambling to device hurt, while they spend endless time manipulating and searching for ways to destroy others, those who practice Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence,  are spending time and energy seeking courage, wisdom, and strength on how to remain steady, quiet and powerful, filled with virtue from within. The emotional, mental and spiritual pain is phenomenal. It crushes your soul to not hit back, to not tell them like it is, and instead respond with grace. It is against our ordinary human nature, but if you choose to constantly respond negatively to others who treat you badly, then they have you under their control and you will become exactly what you did not want to become: their plaything. Behave oppositely to their expectations; perk up, be joyful, assist when you can, and let the ugly that has been dished out roll gracefully off of you. Now that is true liberty and freedom; rising above our torment and rage, to assist each other.

For our own sake and for the sake of humanity, especially the children and the next generations of children, let us use our freedom to take responsibility for how we react or could potentially react in a self-serving way. We have all been shaped, formed and defined by family, friends, schools, jobs, media, relationships, and all the latest this and that, whatever the latest norm is. Now it is time for us to define ourselves. You have been reminded that you have work to do, that it starts with you and within you. Every single choice we make matters! We matter, and so do other people.

Take a deep breath and allow situations to mold you into that better person that you can be. Freely give good energy and kindness, even when it is met with resistance, and do not resist it when it is freely given to you. Learn from painful, extremely difficult situations and allow them to mold you into a beautiful person, and not into bitterness, anger, depression and blame. Finger pointing is easy, it is ugly and it is natural, but taking a deep breath and deeply searching within on how to do better in a situation is supernatural and priceless. Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence, is not forcing you, neither is it telling you what to do, but instead it is nudging you into what you already have in you: beauty, virtue and intelligence to do that which is right. Deep down, you already know right from wrong. Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence is a resource for when you need refueling, a fortress for when your mind is going crazy with anger, thoughts of revenge, and feelings of hatred.

We have a journey to embark on, you and me, for our own sake and for the sake of the world. The journey is to make our nation a healthier environment for all of us, and as we do it creates a ripple effect into how we are with our families and others around us. We can choose to hold our demons in check or, better yet, rid ourselves of them entirely. We can choose to not take our pain, agony, insecurities, and fears out on each other.usa-1491725__180It is worth developing and building Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence. At the end of the day, we will have to find a moment in our lives when we make a decision about what type of person we are, who we have become and will become as a nation, and at what cost.

What cost do we want to live with? The cost to assist or to hurt each other?

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The Foolishness and the Weakness of God


It is beyond my human capacity to describe God to you, or what He is capable of. I am not trying to convince you here. However, I owe it to all of us to write this blog, and to share what I have discovered about Him. I do not have the human capacity or authority to tell you who or what to believe, or how to worship, but I do have the responsibility to tell you about Him and this foolish love and weakness He has for mankind. I have the guts to talk about Him, His love, His mercy, His faithfulness, and His redemptive power, because I know they are real. Given the condition of humanity, my conscience will not let me rest. I have the courage and the wisdom to tell you that you can walk with Him and be with Him because His foolish and weak unconditional love will not let me rest until I do so. So here we are, you and I.

Yet, it does not feel safe to talk about Him. Mentioning Him ushers in persecution, violence, rejection, and mockery. Before scorning those who truly believe, let us at least try this out for ourselves alone, with no outside influence. If we are so brave, so sure of ourselves, so knowledgeable, and so convinced that He is not real, how about we give Him a shot? In the art of inclusion, we do not really include Him. We are more comfortable with worshiping money, each other, ourselves, our titles, positions, nature, and the universe itself. Those are acceptable, but not Him, at least that is how it appears. If we are fair and just, liberal, accepting and open-minded, why do we find Him so offensive, so revolting? Why do we roll our eyes at the mention of His name, especially the name of Jesus? Why do we spew hate? We accept almost everything else, so why is accepting Him so repulsive?

His foolishness is wisdom, and His weakness is power! Where He could demonstrate force and control, He prefers to be humble and gentle. Now that is real and true power! Where He could flaunt that He is all-knowing, He prefers to bring Himself down to our level. Now, that is true love, and real wisdom! How many of us can truly say that we are capable of such love, wisdom, and humility? Instead, we like to show off, show who the boss is, who is in charge, who is savvy, who is the most intelligent and who is the toughest and strongest of us all! We get caught up in ourselves, trying to prove how very wise, talented, skilled and all-knowing we are, and how we can handle other people. We always want to show what we are made of, yet we do not even know what that really is. It is something so much more beautiful, so much more valuable, and so much more precious than we know.

Unlike us, God’s foolishness is slow to anger but swift to bless. It forgives and forgets all our sins. But we are swift to anger and slow to bless. We are most definitely slow to forgive, and we certainly do not forget! His foolishness says “Love anyway,” but our “wisdom” says, “No way, it is not my way! It is not how I see it. This person is this and that, and I just hate them!”

His weakness says, “There is power available to assist you to soar,” but our “wisdom” says, “It is nonexistent and besides, I can do this all by myself. I just have to figure it out. I am m strong, I am smart, and my mind, my intellect, my job title and my degree will all see me through!” But what has that done for your heart, your spirit, your mind and soul?

Should we go by His foolishness and weakness, or not? Let’s find out! 


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Do Not Check Out!




The Reminder talks about the Quiet Power, Peaceful Confident Assistant.  I wrote who an assistant truly is, or can be, not out of some idealistic idleness, but out of lessons which I learned, from and through my own pain and agony. At some point in my life, I knew that I could let my situation and circumstances drown me, or I could choose to thrive! I also knew that the final decision about what I was going to do to and with my life was mine, and not any one else’s. My decisions and choices were my responsibility. I had to find the power deep within my spirit and mind and quietly determine to live and refuse to die. How was I going to do that?

I made the brave and deliberate choice to step out every day, in my pain, depression, brokenness, fears and insecurities. I would force myself to mingle with others by cheerfully volunteering, and allowing myself to be in environments where I was giving of myself to others, so that they might have the joy, the peace, and the love that we all so deserve. I made the brave choice not to zone in on the things or people that were pulling me down, making me sink, or trying to, directly or indirectly. I discovered that I could assist myself, heal quicker, when I zoned in on helping others, without asking for anything in return.

In The Reminder are some of these discoveries, the things I learned. I learned a different definition of who an assistant truly is, or can be.  So far (I am still learning), here is the list I have come up with. You will find this list in The Reminder, as the book gently nudges you to face yourself and live; to not cut yourself off, give up on yourself, or cut your precious valuable life short. YOU ARE STILL HERE! Assist until you swim above water, and assist some more!


Here is my list, thus far.

The Assistant is the one who lacks but gives.

The Assistant is the one who has sorrow but gives joy.

The Assistant is the one in pain but brings healing.

The Assistant is financially rich or poor but makes a personal decision to bring solace to others.

The Assistant is spiritually rich or poor but strives to become a better person.

The Assistant is emotionally rich or poor but chooses to excel in their condition and to make the world a better place.

The Assistant is physically rich or poor but does not use their condition to manipulate.

The Assistant’s mindset is that he/she might be financially and emotionally poor, but they are spiritually rich.

The Assistant is the imperfect who asks over and over again, “How can I do better? How can I touch and change one more life? Who needs my heart this time, who needs my spirit, who needs my touch, who needs my counsel, who needs my voice, my love, my mercy, my forgiveness, my passion, my compassion?”

The Assistant does not wallow in self-pity, and, as much they need a special touch too, as much as they struggle with their emotions too, they take joy in opportunities to give back.

The Assistant is an appreciative person, full of gratitude for what little or great kindness another has demonstrated to them, and they pass it on in kind, emotionally, spiritually, mentally or financially.

The Assistant has surpassed the need to puff up egos and bring false security, impressions and images.

The Assistant is the teacher who realizes, recognizes, and admits the student is not just one who is to be taught, but one who also teaches the teacher a lesson or two about life.

The Assistant empowers, not enables.

The Assistant does not use their power or position to gossip, pit people against each other, or throw them under the bus.

Will you make the brave choice to step out of your depression, literally force yourself everyday to shed it, and live? It is a deep and deliberate decision you have to make. As painful as it is, the joy, the self-worth that follow after, are worth every bit of that pain, that fight, that battle!

Choose to live! DO NOT CHECK OUT!


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A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

c/o sritangphoto via freedigitalphotos.net

c/o sritangphoto via freedigitalphotos.net

There will be days when you do not want to help others, when you want to keep all your skills and knowledge to yourself. There will be times when you are annoyed or aggravated by a colleague who asks for your help. You may from time to time feel that keeping your working knowledge to yourself, instead of teaching others, will help separate you from the pack.

Working in an office means working collaboratively. When you keep certain information or certain skills to yourself, you may actually be hurting your team and hurting your own positive trajectory!

Assisting a colleague at work should be seen as privilege, a gift and an honor.

It is a privilege because someone else could have been your colleague’s assistant. It is a gift because a certain joy should fill you when imparting knowledge. It is an honor because you should be humbled that you are in a position to assist another.

Instead of hoarding information and skills, why not share that knowledge and allow others to grow? You may be surprised how fulfilling it is to teach and then sit back and witness the fruits of your kind action.

On the flip side, it is important to be aware of how you help others. Are you genuinely helpful or are you expecting reimbursement for your shared time and knowledge? When you help someone, do you do it loudly so that everyone else can hear you, and thus embarrass your colleague? What does it say about you when every time you assist someone, you make it a point to tell everyone in the office and discredit the person who just learned something new from you?

A rising tide lifts all boats.

Remember, you have been in situations where you have needed assistance, too. The knowledge and skills you currently have are hardly innate! You did not just get to where you are now overnight. Many people helped you along your journey. Find it in your heart to show the same grace and mercy to your colleagues in need.

Take great comfort in knowing that when you are able to help a fellow colleague you are helping the whole team. You are helping to create a better work environment for everyone around you – including yourself. Be a beacon of light. Generate positive energy. Empower others to take control of their work and assist others in becoming the guides of their own vessels.

It is a privilege, a gift and an honor to assist another. In the end, you will reap the blessing.

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What Type of Colleague Are You?

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What type of colleague are you?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Have you ever thought to take a moment to take your eyes off other colleagues and to instead really look at yourself from within?

What do you see?  Do you see someone who readily points fingers at other colleagues, blaming them for everything?

Or do you see someone who sees things for what they are and with a good spirit and heart? Someone who endeavors to pursue not just your success and joys of work but that of others?

Do you assist others in doing and being the best that they can be at work or are you gleeful about their ‘failures’?

What spurs you on: throwing others under the carpet or celebrating a victory for all on the job?

Are you the colleague who will aide others to succeed, buoy them up when they are down, or scheme to make their lives even more miserable?

Do you assist your fellow colleagues, lend a kind hand, say a kind word, champion them on, nurture and bolster them?

We can all work harder to make the work place a better place for each other. Let’s begin by asking ourselves the tough questions about how we contribute to the joy or the misery of others at our work places. After all we are colleagues, we are people, and all of us are valuable and precious, and do not deserve abuse or denial to be the best that we can be.

We all deserve to excel, and sometimes it just takes a kind word, a slight urging and encouragement, a moment where we are treated with decency and dignity. It works wonders for our productivity.

What will you do this day, this week, this month, to support, stimulate, uphold and motivate a fellow colleague?

The choice is always ours; our freewill can assist or destroy. What do you choose?

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Let’s Stop Hating What We Do Not Understand

c/o StockImages via freedigitalphotos.net

c/o StockImages via freedigitalphotos.net

I have always wondered why many of us hate what we don’t know or don’t even understand. Sometimes we look at other people and just hate them. It’s an impulse that simply feeds negativity and bad energy. Instead, I wish for us all, myself included, to just learn to give joy, peace and love to each other, and in times when we cannot bring ourselves to do so, that we walk away and just leave things well alone.

If we cannot understand why a colleague is different, thinks differently, acts differently from us, and does not talk or walk the way we want, does that warrant hate, gossip and put down?

Just as we feel the right to be who we are, so they feel that  they have the right to be who they are, too.

I mean, don’t we all have work to do? Aren’t there more important things to spend our precious time and energy on other than bickering, complaining, and psychoanalyzing each other? Wouldn’t our time be much better spent taking the time to know a little more about each other?

None of us have walked in another’s shoes so what do we really know? What are we really hating here and how do we hate someone we don’t even know? What does that say about us?

This week, cleanse yourself of the negative, hateful views you harbor of just one person and try instead to look at them in a brighter, more positive light. Do your best to soften negative impulses or jumping to negative conclusions about a person’s character. Let me know how it goes!

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