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The Divine Pinnacle Option to Our Existence


Tired soul, exhausted spirit, stop! Breathe! Take a very deep breath! Pause and think for a moment! Think! There is another option! One that will bring you to the divine pinnacle of your existence.

What are you about to do? Are you about to take your life? Are you about to give in to depression? Are you about to succumb to sorrow, loneliness and sadness? Are trauma, heartbreak and disappointment about to sink you? Are you about to drown in drugs and vices that deplete your soul, mind and spirit? What are you about to do? There is another option!

There is a power and a breath that will give you the peace of mind and the courage that you seek. There is  a power and a breath that can take away the agony, that unbearable pain which keeps rising to the surface. There is a power and breath that will take you to the pinnacle of your existence. You work so hard. You try so hard. You apply yourself to everything you lay your hands on, yet your demons continue to plague you and chain you down. Have you not suffered enough? Are you aware that we are created with dunamis and that we have unlimited divine power when we tap into it? I would like to present dunamis to you. Take this option!

How does dunamis reside in us? How does it become triggered and activated in us? Well, it does not have to be recreated or reinvented, it simply needs to be discovered within. It is power already residing within us! We cannot borrow, buy, or steal it. We did not, and do not need to earn it. We can ignore it, remain unaware of it. There is nothing we have to do to acquire it, but simply look up to God who saw it fit to create us with it. Try this option!

Dunamis is the dormant power in us that becomes activated by the Breath of God, also known as the Holy Spirit or zoe. When we make that free-will choice to turn to our Source, God, dunamis becomes triggered within us through and by the Holy Spirit of God. Dunamis will not and cannot function to its fullest without the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit gives us life, life given by God, through His breath, free for all, breathed by all. However, to reach the pinnacle of our existence we need to turn to God, ask for the Holy Spirit, who then empowers us with divine abilities by activating existing, dormant, untapped, unused, dunamis to its fullest.

Many have invented useful philosophies, technology, psychology and science to guide us. They have crafted and presented other life forms and mediums for us to worship, all in an attempt to be happy, to gain protection and security, and to be victorious, but many have not tried God’s zoe. I wonder why, when zoe is the very breath of God which gives us life to be alive, yet we do not want to acknowledge His existence.

You may appear to shine at everything, yet secretly you feel empty; demons plaguing you, secrets haunting you, emptiness and loneliness encompassing you, lies that torment you daily. Your soul is tired! Your façades and masks are weighing you down and making you disgusted with yourself. Your spirit is exhausted! When are you going to cry out to God to revitalize and set you free, in a way that only He can? How will you know if you do not try? Is that too much to ask for your precious soul? Is that too much to ask for your life? Is your image, how you look, your intellect, your philosophies, your science, your technology, or your need to impress others more valuable than your priceless soul? Don’t you want to go beyond just living and existing? Don’t you want to experience your life at its highest against all odds? Don’t you want to fight for your soul?

I hope you do, because dunamis and zoe are available to you, my brother, my sister, as your other option. It is entirely your choice.

 You are worth it that pinnacle of divine existence!

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In a Place Where Only God Can Reach



Hello, my fellow human being! How are you today? How are you dealing with that pain, rejection, abuse, and violation?

What are they turning you into? What are you becoming? Can you still find your beautiful self or are you lost in agony and depression? What is that shame that you carry? What is that guilt that you harbor? What is that anger and bitterness that are turning you into someone that you are not?

What is that darkness that torments you? What is that shame that makes you cringe? Who uttered those horrible words that still haunt you every day of your life?

Who violated and abused you and made you feel like nothing? Who trampled upon you and denied you your humanity? Who made you feel worthless? Who, what took away your confidence and left you ridden with insecurity, denying you your power to be your unique, amazing self?

What trauma are you suffering from? What are your demons? What tortures and torments you? Do you think that you are beyond deliverance now? Do you think that healing is beyond your grasp, that perhaps you are too damaged to be made whole again?

I don’t think so. God does not think so. I can attest to that, and I kid you not. If I am healed, you can be too. If I am whole, you can be too. If I can bear my scars and walk with my head up high, so can you! Make it happen!

I was given a real divine opportunity and I took it, because my pain and agony where beyond natural human powers. They were too raw. Rather than giving up on myself, I gave God a chance with my soul, mind and spirit, instead of depending on myself or human hands and hearts that could not comprehend my pain, and failed me. In the process I discovered that there really is a part of me that only God can reach.

I do not know how desperate you are to be whole but I would take the chance at God’s unconditional love. There is for real, a place in us, where only He can reach. I speak only from experience.

Try it. ASK. You won’t know if you don’t ask.


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Power Beyond Our Situation

There is power beyond our situation! 



Dunamis is power to be your unique, original self, walking, functioning and operating with quiet confidence and strength, wisdom, power and insight. When I operate through, and function in, God’s kind of power, dunamis, there is an extraordinary peace I’ve come to know. It’s not that I won’t feel angry, irritated, frustrated, and weighed down sometimes. After all, I am human. It is not that I will never hurt again, or be challenged by the everyday grind that life brings. However, this peace is the kind that settles in our spirits, souls, minds, and bodies. It is knowledge that, no matter what is happening around me, I have nothing to lose, because I have the ultimate power working in me: God is watching over me, and protecting me and the things that matter to me. Even when I’m in agony and I cry, “ Why?” I still feel peace beyond my comprehension. I still feel power beyond my imagination and over my situation. It is quiet power, peaceful confidence, in and through God.

Use all of your pain as a catapult, turn your insecurity into creative power, and your anger to find your purpose and excel in your gifts and talents! Break out of your depression and shoot an arrow into a place of divine destiny! Zone in on who you can become, work towards it, and refuse to remain in that depressed and worn down condition.

Work on forgiving yourself and others.

Drop the dark and heavy weights you’ve been carrying all these years. Realize it’s not worth it, and take flight!

Wouldn’t you want power to be your unique, original self, walking, functioning and operating with quiet confidence and strength, wisdom, power and insight?

Let’s talk about it! Read my books!


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No Consciousness Without Pain



You can agree with the labels or you can repel and deflect them! You can allow them to keep you bowed down, OR NOT!

In The Reminder: Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence, it is a lot about the gift of being able to point at yourself to perform a deep soul searching to become better, and not focus on the other people’s meanness and idiosyncrasies. After all you do not know what ails them, what truly torments them, or what demons plague them. You do not know how, when or where their agony and insecurities took over them. Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence says you will feel the weight of their behavior and how they treat you, but make a deliberate choice to use that weight to crush your own idiosyncrasies and grow on your path to gaining Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence.

Many times we find ourselves in situations where others treat us as though we are beneath them, and that we are not worth the ground that they walk on. We are not worth the room that they are in neither are we worth the air that they breathe. Our very presence annoys them, and when we speak, our words have no value to them. Our voice is meaningless, and our soul is worth nothing, as far as they are concerned. The emotional, mental and spiritual pain at such treatment can be phenomenal.

How should we react to such people? How should we respond? Should we respond at all? It crushes your soul to not hit back, to not tell them like it is, but instead respond with grace. In the spirit of The Reminder, in order for one to develop Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence, one must have a type of mindset. One that quietly and kindly deflects what others are doing to you. It is a disciplined quietly powerful mindset that wisely asks us to react differently from how we would typically and justifiably react in anger, in a tit for tat manner, when people have measured us and judged us according to their own standards and according to them we have fallen short of being treated with dignity. The mindset that the book advises goes thus.

If someone has the right to be cold, I have the right to be warm. If they have the right to hate, I have the right to love. If they have the right to be uncaring, then I have the right to be caring. ~The Reminder

I know it hurts, and it can be excruciating. Sometimes even I fall short of such a beautiful mindset. It is against our ordinary human nature; however, we can choose to be extraordinary, take the pounding, knowing deep within, that we are being crushed into becoming a beautiful person. If you choose to constantly respond negatively to others who treat you badly, then they have you under their control and you will become exactly what you did not want to become: their plaything. Behave oppositely to their expectations; perk up, be joyful, assist when you can, and let the ugly that’s been dished out roll gracefully off you. Now that is being in charge and in control.

In other words, you do not accept their abuse, but you allow their words and actions to penetrate just enough. You do not deny the pain they create inside you, but you take it and use it to force yourself to decipher what lessons are to be learned and how best you can personally grow from their myopic view of who you truly are. As you do so, one day, you will realize that the things that used to bother you, the things that made you so mad, the labels people put on you, the names they called you, the category they put you in, the stigma, stereotyping and prejudice and biases against you, that caused you so much pain and embarrassment, no longer hold power over you. They have been rendered ineffective; Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence has grown inside you. You have persevered and endured and have built in yourself a self-realization, solid character, and good temperament, which you continue to develop every day. You will find that you can genuinely laugh things off when others are taking a jab at you. You can still love yourself when others despise and reject you.

The gift and art of quiet power, peaceful confidence from within is not cheap. It does not happen overnight and true virtue, which comes from that, is deliberately nurtured; it is self-control at its highest. ~The Reminder

  • Feel the pain and use it to self-discover and grow.
  • Feel the pain but discipline yourself to deflect and not retaliate.
  • Feel the pain but use it to thrive in love, kindness and patience.
  • Feel the pain, but do not focus on who is causing it, instead use it, and zone in on coming to the consciousness of who you truly are and who you truly should be, your unique self!

There is no coming to consciousness without pain. Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves. ~Carl Jung

Are you ready to grow?

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Do Not Check Out!




The Reminder talks about the Quiet Power, Peaceful Confident Assistant.  I wrote who an assistant truly is, or can be, not out of some idealistic idleness, but out of lessons which I learned, from and through my own pain and agony. At some point in my life, I knew that I could let my situation and circumstances drown me, or I could choose to thrive! I also knew that the final decision about what I was going to do to and with my life was mine, and not any one else’s. My decisions and choices were my responsibility. I had to find the power deep within my spirit and mind and quietly determine to live and refuse to die. How was I going to do that?

I made the brave and deliberate choice to step out every day, in my pain, depression, brokenness, fears and insecurities. I would force myself to mingle with others by cheerfully volunteering, and allowing myself to be in environments where I was giving of myself to others, so that they might have the joy, the peace, and the love that we all so deserve. I made the brave choice not to zone in on the things or people that were pulling me down, making me sink, or trying to, directly or indirectly. I discovered that I could assist myself, heal quicker, when I zoned in on helping others, without asking for anything in return.

In The Reminder are some of these discoveries, the things I learned. I learned a different definition of who an assistant truly is, or can be.  So far (I am still learning), here is the list I have come up with. You will find this list in The Reminder, as the book gently nudges you to face yourself and live; to not cut yourself off, give up on yourself, or cut your precious valuable life short. YOU ARE STILL HERE! Assist until you swim above water, and assist some more!


Here is my list, thus far.

The Assistant is the one who lacks but gives.

The Assistant is the one who has sorrow but gives joy.

The Assistant is the one in pain but brings healing.

The Assistant is financially rich or poor but makes a personal decision to bring solace to others.

The Assistant is spiritually rich or poor but strives to become a better person.

The Assistant is emotionally rich or poor but chooses to excel in their condition and to make the world a better place.

The Assistant is physically rich or poor but does not use their condition to manipulate.

The Assistant’s mindset is that he/she might be financially and emotionally poor, but they are spiritually rich.

The Assistant is the imperfect who asks over and over again, “How can I do better? How can I touch and change one more life? Who needs my heart this time, who needs my spirit, who needs my touch, who needs my counsel, who needs my voice, my love, my mercy, my forgiveness, my passion, my compassion?”

The Assistant does not wallow in self-pity, and, as much they need a special touch too, as much as they struggle with their emotions too, they take joy in opportunities to give back.

The Assistant is an appreciative person, full of gratitude for what little or great kindness another has demonstrated to them, and they pass it on in kind, emotionally, spiritually, mentally or financially.

The Assistant has surpassed the need to puff up egos and bring false security, impressions and images.

The Assistant is the teacher who realizes, recognizes, and admits the student is not just one who is to be taught, but one who also teaches the teacher a lesson or two about life.

The Assistant empowers, not enables.

The Assistant does not use their power or position to gossip, pit people against each other, or throw them under the bus.

Will you make the brave choice to step out of your depression, literally force yourself everyday to shed it, and live? It is a deep and deliberate decision you have to make. As painful as it is, the joy, the self-worth that follow after, are worth every bit of that pain, that fight, that battle!

Choose to live! DO NOT CHECK OUT!


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Take This Moment Just for You


Have a seat for a moment.  Take a break from everything and every one. This bench is here especially for you, this is now your space; just you, your soul, your mind, your heart and your spirit.  Sit for a while and have some significant me time. Make it worthwhile, because this moment is yours. It is about you and only you. You have some very serious questions to ask yourself. No one is watching, no one is around, no one will walk by or peek at you. It is literally just you!

Take a really deep breath. Ready? Here we go.

Ask yourself…

  • Who and what is the source of my strength, wisdom, joy and peace?
  • How deep does the foundation that they provide me with run?
  • What are the depth, length, breadth, and height of my foundation?
  • What does this foundation really look like?
  • Is it worth turning to when I need to take a deep breath?
  • Can my foundation truly sustain me through my darkest times, answer my deepest questions, chase my demons away, and cause me to stand tall, shaken yet unshakable?

What is Your foundation? 

You know your life better than anyone else does.

You know your truths and your lies.

You know what makes you tremble when no one is watching.

You know what makes you quiver in your dark and insecure moments.

You know where it really hurts!

You know what demons torment you.

When there is dark, unbearable torment and onslaught of anger, depression and insecurities on your mind, emotions, heart and spirit, who or what do you turn to?

  • What do they really do for you?
  • Are they genuinely supporting and buoying you up?
  • Can they truly stand the test of time for your life?
  • Will they last? Will they bring you real joy?
  • Will they bring you real peace?
  • Will they bring you real wisdom?
  • Will they bring you real liberty or just temporary freedom?

What and who you call ‘foundation’, what and who you depend upon, can they provide you with unlimited sustenance?

Think on these things, very deeply.  For your own sake, make sure that you are leaning and depending on the right foundation. One that will keep you, bear you up, come what may!

This is your life and your life matters!

My books are here to assist you! Find out more!

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Courage to Be Loved With Authenticity


Everyone one of us has someone, or some people who simply loves us, regardless of our condition, character, idiosyncrasies or other people’s thoughts and opinions about us.  They have taken the time to get to know us and see us for what we are, who we have become and who we can become. They are constantly there for us, they appreciate us, and we do not have to pay a fee for their love, care, support and counsel.  But their support can only be healthy and useful if we are objective and honest about what we tell them, and if we are receptive to their very candid but loving and truthful advise and feedback.   We always have choices, so we can choose to listen to people who say what they think we want to hear, or what they want us to hear, or we can choose to listen to what we really don’t want to hear, but should hear.  Are we afraid to surround ourselves with the type of people who are not scared to be straight forward with us? The Reminder calls them our healthy support circle.

Our healthy support circle:

  • Respects our intelligence, believes in us, but will look us in the eye and tell us the truth, not to show off, be savvy, or controlling, but to assist us in seeing things for what they are, and help us walk through very tough decisions and very difficult times.
  • Forces us to dig deep, to take our eyes off other people, and challenge us to take the higher ground so that we make the healthiest decisions for all, not just for the self.
  • Lays the truth on us because they genuinely care. They make us understand that it is not a matter of being right or wrong, but about how we handle situations.
  • Never allows us to lose sight of the fact that we have the ability and the choice to make decisions with the power and the attitude of a person who at the crux of it all, will end up doing that which is best for all.
  • Teaches us skills and knowledge that will equip and empower us to survive both our work and personal life challenges.
  • Knows that sometimes we will not listen to advise, but will still impart wisdom to assist us in preventing our own demise.
  • Knows when to step back and not say anything and allow life to teach us certain lessons we really need to learn on our own. They’ll be there for us when we are broken, need a shoulder, and a kind word.
  • Does not seek our worship or need accolades from us.

“Friends are as companions on a journey, who ought to aid each other to persevere in the road to a happier life.” ~Pythagoras

Are we surrounded by people who:

  • Will be honest with us?
  • Are unafraid to tell us the truth in love?
  • Care enough to tell us when we are going in the wrong direction?

Who do we really prefer in our lives? The people:

  • Who lie to us to make us feel good?
  • Who will help us cover up what we have become and not deal with it?
  • Who see our shackles, torment and darkness, but tell us we are doing great?
  • Who see our chains but yet tell us we are free and liberated?
  • Who say to us, “Be you!” Yet it is to our detriment?
  • Who cheer us on when they should be telling us to take a seat for a minute and rethink our actions?

The deeper question is do we have the capacity to:

  • Be with people who are genuine, honest and upfront with us?
  • Be with people who really love us, even with all our faults?
  • Embrace the type of love that shows us how precious and valuable we are?

We are used to deceiving and being deceived.  We are comfortable with such behavior and it has become the norm, or so it appears. We appear to enjoy lies, charm and seduction; they are the easy way out, than dealing with being honest and demanding honesty.  Our mantras have become, a little lie won’t hurt, what people don’t know won’t hurt them. It seems like we have created a world where it is alright to be pretentious and superficial, as long as things are going the way we want them to. We shrug off truths and entertain lies, our own lies and that of others. We enjoy lying tongues because with them we do not have to face what we have become and who we really are, and we can continue blaming others for the way we are.

Where are we going with this? What do we hope to gain or accomplish? We are building rotten foundations that will not hold. We have succeeded in convincing ourselves and others that that is the way life is, and that we are keeping it real!  What has this form of “keeping it real” done for us personally, or for humanity as a whole? HAVOC! PAIN! CHAOS! DEPRESSION! HATE! DAMAGE!

Can we handle authenticity? Or are we too deep in being comfortable with people we lie to, and who lie to us, because we self-idolize and want to be worshiped, and we crave for our egos to be massaged with accolades and flattery? Perhaps we are afraid of authentic truth, love and kindness. We are not used to being treated with such beautiful virtues, or giving and expressing  them to someone else.  Perhaps we are afraid of people who make us look in the mirror to see what we have really become. Perhaps we are afraid of people who genuinely love and believe in us. We are not used to it, it is not familiar and it leaves us feeling uncomfortable and afraid. Perhaps we are so shattered inside from this journey called life and all that we have been through, that authentic love, with all its joy, peace and acceptance that it comes with, frightens us.

But there ARE people out there who can, who will, and who CHOOSE to loves us, and that, is a reality!

Gather the courage, and allow yourself, to be genuinely loved and authentically valued!


Will you be loved? Read my books!


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