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Gifted Beyond the Darkness and the Storm


There is no denying that you have been through too much! There is no denying that it has been too long, in fact, taken too long for the chains to be broken. There is no denial the inhumanity that has been dished and handed out. There is no denial the injustice that has flooded and buried way too many lives.  But you have come too far for only some of the chains to be broken! All the chains must be broken physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You are too gifted, too talented, too powerful, to allow only some of your chains to be broken! You want to take them all off! Some did it, so can you! You deserve it, you are worth it! You were created from the mind of divinity, with a divine purpose, not with chains!martin-luther-king-180477__180

You can choose,  you should choose, you must choose, to take the higher ground, for the sake of generations past, existing generations and generations to come. Taking the higher ground does not mean cowardice, or stupidity; no, it is power from within. It is Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence knowing that you have to preserve your strength and your power for what is ahead. It is courageous silence knowing that there is wisdom in waiting and planning and subduing oneself until the opportune time to express your intelligence, and execute purpose and destiny. It is Peace that you have more than what it takes to overcome the storm and raise the bar for generations to come! That, gifted one, is how you overcome the darkness and the storm.


It is Confidence that you are too gifted to waste your time on things that have no positive long term lasting effect! It is power to break every mental, spiritual, physical and emotional chain so that you do not react to everything and everyone to your own detriment, that of your loved one’s, and those looking up to you. It is Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence to preserve and build your dreams in the darkness and storm when you have been denied your humanity, because you know that you have been destined to raise the bar for millions, and to validate those who made the sacrifice.jackie-robinson-1172118__180

You are gifted beyond the storm and the darkness. Don’t turn in on yourself. Do away with the things that cause you to self-destruct. You are worth more than that. You have been sculpted, crafted and created for far too much. You are a finished work of power but you have to see that for yourself! Do not wreck yourself. Of what good are you then to yourself and to those who wait for, and need your power, intelligence and brilliance?


Don’t turn in on your loved ones. Do not turn in on your community. Throw away the things that cause you to kill your own and leave you with nothing but aching emptiness, more rage, more pain! Is it worth it? Make it count! Make your mistakes, make the chains, make the inhumane way you have been treated count! Do not become anyone’s victim! It is not worth it, gifted one! Because you have too much to give. Don’t die with it and do not allow another to die with theirs. Uplift! Make the storm and darkness count! Use them as stepping stones! Use them to elevate yourself and others, and not destroy or take more lives! Build! Support! Empower!


Don’t look for the easy way out, dig in and dig very deep. Gold was not developed in a day. Gold does not wither. What is the positive lasting effect you want to leave? The answers lie within you. Your choices are yours to make. You, and only you, must decide which route you are going to take.Are you going to hate to the death, or are you going to love to your last breath? Which one is more empowering? Which one is more enriching? Am I telling you anything you do not already know? No, I don’t think so! But I am here to remind you, because sometimes when the storms rage and the darkness becomes too heavy, we forget who we are, we forget where we come from, we forget what we are made of, we forget those who went through for our sake, we forget that there is a generation coming behind us and we forget that we have to leave a firm foundation for them, so that their gifts can shine too!children-486980__180

Whether or not you believe it, whether or not some like it, or some do not like it, you were created with dignity, power, wisdom and strength, by the Master Builder, the Master Craftsman Himself. You also, not just some, breathe His breath. He did not leave anything out of you and He did not create you any less than another. He saw it fit to painstakingly create you gifted one. Do you see it? Can you see it? Do you see it now? You cannot afford to fade away, Divinity had you, and still has you in mind!

Stay and vibrate with the brilliance, gift, intelligence and power you have been given. Vibrate until you overcome the storm and the darkness. Vibrate until generations rise and are secure. Vibrate until you have established the peak that countless have given their lives for! Vibrate past the storm and the darkness, gifted one!

Vibrate gifted one! The storms and the darkness cannot defeat you, unless you give them permission to do so!




God’s Ageless, Unchanging and Indestructible Runway


Take flight and soar into your purpose and destiny from God’s runway! Our beginning may not have been a great start. Some of us may have done things in the past which we find too difficult to think about or deal with, but our ending does not have to be determined by our past. There is grace, power, mercy, love, ready and waiting for us. There is what I call, a spiritual runway, which is built by God for all of us. It has already been provided for us, it is always there, waiting for us to simply ask and take the step towards victory and true freedom. It has always been and always will be, ageless, unchanging, and indestructible. It is anchored in God, waiting for us to take flight into our purpose and destiny.

There are different types of man-made runways all over the world. Some point in the same direction and they are called parallel runways. However, this God-made runway I am writing about has no parallels in its unique strength, power, and capacity. It recognizes each and every one of us, and adjusts to us, meeting us at our point of need and taking into consideration the depth of our wounds. It adjusts itself according to our condition without losing its unique power, grace, and love for us. It recognizes that we are all different and that we all need different levels and platforms from which to take flight.

This runway does not provide a cookie-cutter, one-size fits-all platform. It is intentionally customized according to our needs, gifts, and purpose, without loving any of us more than another, but covering us all under the umbrella of grace and mercy. With this runway, we do not need to be skeptical about it wavering. It is not man-made, thus it does not change on us. It remains the same, yesterday, today, and forever. It is not two-faced, or encumbered with hidden cracks. On the contrary, it is whole, divine. This runway is stable, unbendable, unbreakable, and unchanging, but will adjust to assist us within our current situation. In its divinity, it knows us by nature. We cannot fool it, as it knows how heavy or light we are. While other runways are inconsistent, and require us to be a certain type of weight, this runway says, “Come as you are.”

Whether the weather is stable or unstable, peaceful or raging, calm or filled with turbulence, this runway remains unshakable. This runway is infallible, and strong enough to withstand any type of stress or temperature. It will not melt or change shape under pressure because it cannot be constrained or intimidated by any condition, situation, or circumstance. It has one purpose, one goal, and that is to assist us into taking flight into our unique destinies. It carries us when we are ready to take flight on our maiden voyage. It does not condemn us when we are back to try again, if we didn’t complete the first take off.

It will not impede you, or allow anything or anyone from stopping or blocking you. It knows when you are ready to glide, and when you drift and come back. It might not look like what we are used to, but that is because it is not. It is precise. It is focused on us, where we need to go and where we need to be. Its lights never go out and will never have a power failure.

This runway’s foundation can and will withstand anything for our sakes. Formed of the materials of grace, power, forgiveness, mercy, love, peace, joy, strength, and wisdom, it will not wear out. Its parts do not need to be patched up, and do not need to be replaced! Its surface is always even and dependable, no cracks (seen or unseen) in this foundation.

This runway does not need permission from anyone to allow us to take off, but instead has been patiently waiting for us to have faith and take flight into our destiny and purpose. It takes into account our condition and our situation before it carries us, maximizing our potential and speed to take flight. It is constant and consistent for all of us, filled with unconditional love to carry us over to the other side, not where the grass is falsely greener, but where there is true success, true victory, and true peace. We can take off from it in any weather conditions. It carries divine patience for us, taking us however far we need to crawl, run, or push to take flight, however long it takes.

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