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And So I Write…


My experiences of being belittled, looked down upon, mocked and abused brought me closer to how precious and valuable I am, to God, and that in turn made me realize my worth and that of others, as human beings, in His eyes.

When I wept, my lonely screams piercing the darkness around me, God was my companion.

When everything around me said no, I experienced His power of, Yes! When my wings were constantly clipped, He spread them.

When I was lost without answers, He taught me wisdom and understanding.

When I fell with the heavy weights on my shoulders, dread in my heart, tears streaming down my face, He said, “Rise up!”

When all else failed, and everyone dropped me and gave up on me, and called me a failure, He said, “Here is your new beginning.”

Relentless Love, Relentless Father; He would not allow my light to be diminished. He constantly fought for my soul; He pushed me to stay alive and conquer my demons and defeat my challenges. And so I write.

He gave me power that superseded every challenge.


He nurtured me to use my pain as a catapult into purpose, my insecurities into creative power, and my anger, to find purpose and excel in my God-given gifts. I could pursue divine destiny. I could take off and take flight.

I cried, but I had power. I had been abused, violated, mocked and cast aside, but I had power.

Many times I messed up and felt guilty and ashamed, mentally and emotionally crippled, but I had power. Relentless Love, Relentless Father, He made sure I knew that.

My job now is to become a beacon of hope and bring inner peace to those who are struggling, who are lost, and who are ready to make a change, and to tell the masses that we do have unconditional love and divine power available to us, no matter who we are, what we have done, what has happened to us or where we have been.

He will not force His love on us but with Him I learnt that I could go through the fire with grace, peace and kindness. I learnt that it was not my role to judge others, but that if some had the right to be cold, I had the right to be warm, if some had the right to be uncaring, I had the right to be caring. I learnt to make the brave choice to look at the root of my own problems and troubles and torment raging within me, find strength to take the high moral ground, stop blaming other people and focusing on what they were doing to me, and instead clean myself up and grow beautifully every day.

And so I write, so that others will discover what I have discovered in this Relentless Love, Relentless Father. There are so many people seeking love, direction, peace, joy, redemption, salvation and deliverance from their travails, if only they know what I know.

I write for as many souls that will lay their burdens before Him and be made whole. I write for as many as will have their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual chains broken. I write for as many as want to find their divine blueprint, find their purpose and fulfill their destinies. I write for as many as thirst and hunger for deliverance from their demons. I write because I love humanity and I want humanity to experience God who says, “Come as you are and I will give you rest, joy, peace and a sound mind.” And so I write.

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I realize that I could deny my divine experiences with God to fit in and to please others, that I could be ashamed of Him and be fearful of telling others that He is real, His power is real, or I could come out of my shell and tell of His goodness, so that others will experience and know what I know.

And so I write… In the hopes that you too, will see how precious and valuable you truly are, and experience His Divine Love.




Unlimited Divinity, Limited Humanity


Who, or what do you look up to for solace? Who, or what gives you genuine and lasting healing balm for your soul, mind, and spirit? For me it is God, who I firmly believe created us and inspired the writing of the Holy Bible. He knows us and loves us beyond our deepest imagination. He gives us breath to breathe. Whether or not we acknowledge Him, truth of the matter is, He created us, and He is always there for us. We have created all the technology, all the science, but He is still God. We have great intellect, amazing philosophies and mind blowing science, but He is still God! He has our blueprint in the palm of His hand, and He is our Source, our Origin. That is why we are so unique, with such power and great abilities!  But along the way we have dangerously turned away from Him and we have looked up to man and his creations. We have left true unlimited divinity behind and we are following our limited selves, limited science, limited technology. No matter how great these things are, no matter how much they have assisted us, we still need Him, and at the end of the day, like it or not, the hour will come when we will cry out for Him. Hopefully by then it’s not too late.

My life has not been perfect and painless, but He has faithfully carried and seen me through my turbulence, and so I share with you today, that no matter what, there is true healing, true power, true deliverance, true peace, and true love, available to you. I am not speaking out of someone else’s experience, or because someone preached to me, I am telling you what I tangibly know and have experienced. I love humanity and I want us to know the truth!

With all my imperfection, mistakes, maltreatment, the violation and the abuse at the hands of others, He influences me to want to love, to want to be kind, to be understanding and giving, even when it is very painful and extremely challenging to do so. Where and who do you turn to for the supernatural? Who and what do you draw peace and strength from? God is  a real spiritual source that you can delight in, that will always remain as your firm foundation when everything around you is falling apart.  He will keep you steady and still when everything around you is spinning out of control. What or who will keep you intact when all hell breaks loose? Nine out of ten chances you will manage your emotions and channel your choices and decisions from whatever or whoever directs you spiritually. Try God.

When people ask me how I manage to stay afloat, I give Him credit. He is my strength, my peace, my joy. In Him is the place where my rawest pain turns into honey, where rejection by others turns into absolute self-acceptance, where hate is molded into unconditional love, where indecision is turned into wisdom, where sorrow is turned into laughter and sadness into joy. In Him my inner struggles cease and I find Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence. Without Him and His Holy Spirit, it would be impossible for me to take a deep breath as deeply as I do now, and tell you about the love, peace and healing available to all of us. Regardless of who you are or what you have become, you CAN turn to Him. Try God, our solace, where you will find unlimited and endless divinity instead of our limited short-lived humanity.

Need some solace, some wisdom, direction, healing and peace? Try the unlimited God!




Using Our Greatness and Power to Show Kindness


America, we are one nation under God and in God we trust. With this in mind, and with the privilege of being a world power, should we not show His great kindness, generosity, love and forgiveness to those who need us the most? After all, we are all God’s children.

The earth and everything it contains are the LORD’s. The world and all who live in it are his. -Psalm 24:1 (GODS WORD ® Translation)

In Dead Man Walking Sister Helen Prejean stressed that, “it is better to help ten real hurting people – or nine, or one, than to be overwhelmed and withdraw and do nothing.” In light of this, I would like to put a face to immigrants and ask us to use our greatness to demonstrate kindness.  Let us be benevolent with our greatness towards the pain, fear, nostalgia, agony, insecurity and embarrassment that immigrants suffer.

Immigrants have been misunderstood and vilified, but they are a source of enormous potential for our great nation.  They are not the cause of the world’s problems, or America’s problems. It is the thirst for power of others that leads many to flee from dangerous, destitute, undignified and life threatening situations in their own countries. Immigrants do not choose to be displaced from their homes, but the destructive and oppressive conditions which they are forced to live in uproots them to leave the agony that their countries of origin have become, to come to this beacon of hope called America. Would we not do the same?

My country of origin, Sierra Leone, suffered a brutal civil war. Hands, legs, of men, women and children were hacked off; young girls and women were gang raped. Our story is filled with horrors that no human being should ever have to endure. International diamond companies benefited from our spilled blood and agony, as international arms were exchanged for our national diamonds. Foreign nationals built their fortunes out of our misfortune. They built their dreams out of our nightmares. As a result many were displaced and were treated with repulsion, unaccepted and an inconvenience to and in foreign countries.

Immigrants come to the United States out of the necessity to escape grave danger, hunger and persecution. It is by far one of the most humiliating, belittling and degrading experiences one can undergo. Immigrants don’t come here to purposely abuse the American system and way of life. Men, women and children have come to this country because the alternative is death.  If you were faced with a decision to either come to America or to stay and have your daughter gang raped by militia, your son taken as a child soldier, your wife or husband mutilated and tortured to death, or to watch your malnourished baby slowly die, would you not risk everything you had, to find a safe haven for them? If that safe haven is America, would you not bring them here?

The primary goal of immigrants is not to take jobs, healthcare and education from Americans, no, it is simply to stay alive. Immigrants will do almost anything to arrive in America because of what we say we stand for – freedom, dignity, justice and opportunity. They want to contribute not just to America but to the world. Like every other human being, they have hopes and dreams too. They want to assist but their hands are tied. Many want to be a voice, but their voices are broken. They want to rise up and shine, but they are suppressed. They want to be assets not liabilities.

If America were to pass laws that will assist immigrants to live openly and not in hiding, restoring their hope and dignity, America will reap its kindness in unimaginable ways. This is America, and we have the greatness, the power and the gift to not only be kind to others, but to give them back their dignity and treat them as brothers and sisters.

Like Ghandi said, “One comes to appreciate that there can be no ‘we’s’, and ‘they’s’, but only brothers and sisters- all children of God – all sacred and dignified.”

Immigrants are not looking for pity, but the right to live as human beings. There are plenty brilliant immigrants, hardworking, well-meaning and respectful. Given the opportunity, they will continue to contribute positively to America, uplift her, and support her. They are proud and grateful to be here. They understand and know how beneficial it would be to be industrious, resourceful and productive in this great nation.

Unfortunately, and sadly, it seems as though we live in a culture that appears to view kindness as weakness, but it is not, it is power. We will reap what we sow; therefore, let us use our freedom and freewill to sow love, mercy, kindness, peace, forgiveness those who need us to live and thrive. I know we have to protect our nation, but let us also use our existence on God’s earth to give life to those who would otherwise suffer and die with all their God-given potential, a chance to flourish and prosper.  Do not allow fear to make us act or become like anyone else but our better self. At such a time as this America, let our kindness and compassion, not our fears and insecurities, shape our nation. Let us use our power to be just and kind. Let us be an example of fearlessly demonstrating unconditional love. A difficult thing to do, but not an impossibility.

“You are to have the same law for the foreigner and the native-born. I am the LORD your God.” -Leviticus 24:22 (NIV)

Indeed may God bless America and as He blesses us, may we in turn bless those who need us so desperately.

Kindness is NOT weakness! It is real power!

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What Have You to Lose?

What Have You to Lose- (1)

So many of us want to be set free from our shackles, our vices, our insecurities, and the things that have taken over our lives and easily weigh us down, paralyzing us from fulfilling all our potential and from using our natural talents and abilities. Many of us want to love and be loved, filled with a surplus of joy and indescribable peace. Deep down we want to be rescued from our own self-destructive behaviors. We want to be set free from the damage caused by rejection, violation, stigma, prejudice, and put-downs that have been inflicted by the hands of others. We have tried so many avenues, and some appear to work for a while, but when we find ourselves searching again for the next new solution to our problems, troubles and torment.

Can we take on a love that knows exactly who we are really, and what we are really capable of? Can we handle the kind of unconditional love that knows the vices we hide in the dark, the rottenness that eats our souls, the ugliness and bad habits that lie within, the deceit and manipulation behind the lies that we wield, the anger, the bitterness, and the pain we have grown accustomed to? Knowing all this about us, God’s love still says to us, “What does it matter? I love you anyway.  Come let us spend time together. In fact let’s not stop there. Would you like to be delivered and healed from the burdens you carry?”

I don’t know how desperate you are to be whole, to have another chance in life, to be rid of whatever torments you and makes you shrivel when nobody is watching, but I would take the chance at that unconditional love. What have you gained by not accepting it?

God is so simple, so uncomplicated. He just wants to have a beautiful relationship with us, His creation. Yet we reject Him, and all that He has to offer to our precious souls. We tap into people around us, into family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances. We tap into drugs, our intellect, technology, our own devices, schemes, and human intelligence. We tap into anything and everything except the power that saw it fit to make us the unique, special, valuable and precious souls that we are. What have we to lose, if we were to tap into God’s unconditional love?

Do you need real assistance? Try God’s unconditional love, wisdom, power and deliverance!

What have you to lose?


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Courage to Be Loved With Authenticity


Everyone one of us has someone, or some people who simply loves us, regardless of our condition, character, idiosyncrasies or other people’s thoughts and opinions about us.  They have taken the time to get to know us and see us for what we are, who we have become and who we can become. They are constantly there for us, they appreciate us, and we do not have to pay a fee for their love, care, support and counsel.  But their support can only be healthy and useful if we are objective and honest about what we tell them, and if we are receptive to their very candid but loving and truthful advise and feedback.   We always have choices, so we can choose to listen to people who say what they think we want to hear, or what they want us to hear, or we can choose to listen to what we really don’t want to hear, but should hear.  Are we afraid to surround ourselves with the type of people who are not scared to be straight forward with us? The Reminder calls them our healthy support circle.

Our healthy support circle:

  • Respects our intelligence, believes in us, but will look us in the eye and tell us the truth, not to show off, be savvy, or controlling, but to assist us in seeing things for what they are, and help us walk through very tough decisions and very difficult times.
  • Forces us to dig deep, to take our eyes off other people, and challenge us to take the higher ground so that we make the healthiest decisions for all, not just for the self.
  • Lays the truth on us because they genuinely care. They make us understand that it is not a matter of being right or wrong, but about how we handle situations.
  • Never allows us to lose sight of the fact that we have the ability and the choice to make decisions with the power and the attitude of a person who at the crux of it all, will end up doing that which is best for all.
  • Teaches us skills and knowledge that will equip and empower us to survive both our work and personal life challenges.
  • Knows that sometimes we will not listen to advise, but will still impart wisdom to assist us in preventing our own demise.
  • Knows when to step back and not say anything and allow life to teach us certain lessons we really need to learn on our own. They’ll be there for us when we are broken, need a shoulder, and a kind word.
  • Does not seek our worship or need accolades from us.

“Friends are as companions on a journey, who ought to aid each other to persevere in the road to a happier life.” ~Pythagoras

Are we surrounded by people who:

  • Will be honest with us?
  • Are unafraid to tell us the truth in love?
  • Care enough to tell us when we are going in the wrong direction?

Who do we really prefer in our lives? The people:

  • Who lie to us to make us feel good?
  • Who will help us cover up what we have become and not deal with it?
  • Who see our shackles, torment and darkness, but tell us we are doing great?
  • Who see our chains but yet tell us we are free and liberated?
  • Who say to us, “Be you!” Yet it is to our detriment?
  • Who cheer us on when they should be telling us to take a seat for a minute and rethink our actions?

The deeper question is do we have the capacity to:

  • Be with people who are genuine, honest and upfront with us?
  • Be with people who really love us, even with all our faults?
  • Embrace the type of love that shows us how precious and valuable we are?

We are used to deceiving and being deceived.  We are comfortable with such behavior and it has become the norm, or so it appears. We appear to enjoy lies, charm and seduction; they are the easy way out, than dealing with being honest and demanding honesty.  Our mantras have become, a little lie won’t hurt, what people don’t know won’t hurt them. It seems like we have created a world where it is alright to be pretentious and superficial, as long as things are going the way we want them to. We shrug off truths and entertain lies, our own lies and that of others. We enjoy lying tongues because with them we do not have to face what we have become and who we really are, and we can continue blaming others for the way we are.

Where are we going with this? What do we hope to gain or accomplish? We are building rotten foundations that will not hold. We have succeeded in convincing ourselves and others that that is the way life is, and that we are keeping it real!  What has this form of “keeping it real” done for us personally, or for humanity as a whole? HAVOC! PAIN! CHAOS! DEPRESSION! HATE! DAMAGE!

Can we handle authenticity? Or are we too deep in being comfortable with people we lie to, and who lie to us, because we self-idolize and want to be worshiped, and we crave for our egos to be massaged with accolades and flattery? Perhaps we are afraid of authentic truth, love and kindness. We are not used to being treated with such beautiful virtues, or giving and expressing  them to someone else.  Perhaps we are afraid of people who make us look in the mirror to see what we have really become. Perhaps we are afraid of people who genuinely love and believe in us. We are not used to it, it is not familiar and it leaves us feeling uncomfortable and afraid. Perhaps we are so shattered inside from this journey called life and all that we have been through, that authentic love, with all its joy, peace and acceptance that it comes with, frightens us.

But there ARE people out there who can, who will, and who CHOOSE to loves us, and that, is a reality!

Gather the courage, and allow yourself, to be genuinely loved and authentically valued!


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